Monday, June 24, 2024



New ‘Patriots’ group stirs political scene

A countywide group of conservatives on March 9 basked in the afterglow of a series of events that drew headlines as well as the ire of some local progressives.

*Update/response*Fire Official: Citizens, Responders Were Imperiled by Downed High Voltage Line

An officer for the Depoe Bay Fire District (DBFD) has rebutted some claims that the agency was late to a January 11 fire that destroyed or damaged 10 vehicles when a high-voltage powerline fell on cars waiting for service at a local business. Three on-duty firefighters, the Fire Chief and Division Chief were spread across the district on three other calls when they were notified of the incident at 2:47p.m. A DBFD engine arrived at Car Audio 101-473 SW Hwy 101 seven minutes later, reported Division Chief Tom Jackson, second in command of DBFD.

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