Monday, September 20, 2021


Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers is back

After a 15 month hiatus, hand crafted glass floats made by local artisans will hit the seven miles of beaches in Lincoln City as Finders Keepers begins.

Hunting For Glass Floats in Lincoln City

Who are the Float Fairies? Where do they live, work, and play? I'm not sure we'll ever know.

Finders Keepers 2018

GLASS FLOATS ON THE BEACH OCTOBER 14, 2017 – MAY 28, 2018 Let the hunt begin! Each year from mid-October to Memorial Day, discover glass treasures...

100 Glass Floats on the Beach for Memorial Day Weekend

Lincoln City, OR – Memorial Day, May 29th, is the unofficial kick-off to the summer season. But as one season begins, another must come...

The Hunt for Glass Hearts

A casual beach stroll is a classic romance activity...but in Lincoln City you might find a glass treasure during that stroll. February 11th & 12th

Finders Keepers Glass Float Special Drop Dates

What some do not know is that there are special drops that occur on certain dates that increase their chances of finding glass floats.

Finders Keepers Adventure

Many people from all over come to our coast seeking hand-blown glass floats made by local artists. I set out to discover one of these treasures.

Special Report 10/13

Finders Keepers Postponed

Due to extreme weather conditions predicted for this weekend Finders Keepers, glass floats on the beach in Lincoln City, is postponed until October 22nd....


Finders Keepers starts on October 15th. For opening weekend, our Float Fairies will hide an additional 100 floats on the beach.

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