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Emergency Winter Shelter to open in Lincoln City

Representative image.  Not actual tent proposed.

According to a press release from the Lincoln County Commissioner’s office, a temporary emergency warming shelter, in cooperation with the Lincoln City City Council, is to be erected in Lincoln City.

Starting in November a “Military grade tent with floors and heat” will be set up behind a house at 4225 N Hwy 101 across from the Wildflower Grill.

According to Lincoln City city manager Daphnee Legarza “This (sic) city does not own this property. I believe Lincoln County is in the process of acquiring this property.

At the September 25th Council meeting, Council discussed and funded the proposed county-wide winter shelter program.”

When asked if neighboring property owners or businesses had been notified about this matter, Legarza replied,  “It is my understanding that Lincoln County is providing information to the public in regards to their emergency warming sheltering program.”

Mayor Susan Wahlke said that according to her conversations with county commissioner Kaety Jacobson, there was doubt that the sale of the property would be completed as planned.

Commissioners (left to right) Miller, Jacobson, Hall

A call to the commissioner’s office was responded to by public information officer Kenneth Lipp who said, ‘That’s news to me.”  He proceeded to check with the involved parties and called back to assure that the sale was going forward and the shelter would be erected.

As to the shelter, Lipp confirmed that the tent was an “emergency” shelter and would be replaced by a permanent building.

But, the building will not remain a warming shelter.  Rather it would be turned into  “Housing for mental health.”

When pressed as to what “Housing for mental health” meant Lipp replied, “It’s housing for people who need support. It’s not going to be a treatment facility.  It will be a 28 unit apartment complex, a project that’s being undertaken with the Housing Authorities of Oregon

It’s (for) people with serious mental illness but can still function independently.  They would probably be clients of the county but not receiving help there from the county.”

When asked if the occupants would in any way have involvement with the criminal justice system he replied, “I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some intersection there.  They wouldn’t be referrals from probation.”



Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. This is news to us, I am not for housing mentally ill so close to town. Who is going to pay for all of this? We already pay high property taxes. Do not what criminals in our community or people who have crossed the boarder over the last 3 years.

  2. Why wasn’t the community informed of this. I live in the neighborhood and I never received a letter about this! Just like when the wanted a homeless shelter near the DMV? Crime tripled, shots were fired and strange people defecated in our yards. I think the neighborhood needs to sue the city because they are not informing the Residents of the increase in crime!!!!

  3. Many of these “homeless people” could perhaps be flowing through our open borders here and finding the Coast a good place to get free everything. Keep an open mind. They have cell phones and have flashed guns while being told to not loiter at the crosswalks.

  4. Tourists coming into town are going to either be met by a homeless shelter or a mental health facility? Or both! Seems legit. You want to kill tourism, well here you go.

    The marketing folks new slogan: “Go crazy at the beach!”

  5. Yep, our tax dollars at work. I live on a dead end road that washes out every winter, my neighbors and myself have been told it’s a “public/privately maintained road” what ever that means. We can’t talk the county or state into just giving us some gravel. One of my neighbors is quadriplegic and even that hasn’t made any difference. BY ALL MEANS TAKE CARE OF NONTAXPAYERS AND TO HELL WITH THOSE OF US THAT PAY TAXES.

    • right on..use our tax money for the good of the people that live here..not to bring in people..burdens if you will..who are not able to contribute and support themselves when our county already claims to be short of funds.

  6. In case others did not know it, they have opened up a huge homeless facility at NE 34th street with bunk beds and lots of them, in each room. Why do we need another place. This construction has gone on for several months. It is right on hwy 101 at 34th St. East side.

  7. KAUFFMAN DANIEL J TSTEE ownes the property it is zoned G-C, the lighthouse square ownes South, Rad Rental North, Residences on NE 45th should be concerned as it is in their backyard. Last I heard there was churches donating space (as they should bc of tax breaks) why are we purchasing from private citizens?

    • Hi Shell,
      The Churches in town put women and children that are homeless but they won’t allow men because they are violent and cause major trouble in the church. Now my question is….. why do we want to have these men roaming the streets?

  8. Why is it that I’m (you) paying for this without even getting the courtesy of a notification from the city or county? Are these going to be the regular “homeless” we see everyday on our streets or illegal aliens crossing our unsecured border south of us? I am so tired of following the rules while others do not and get free housing, free medical, free cell phones, free food stamps, free clothes and social security disability monthly checks because they have a drug problem. Geeze! Enough is enough!

  9. Well, this wasn’t very well planned, or discussed with people in the neighborhood whose lifes may be affected. I am all for helping legal homeless people, I hate for anyone to be outdoors during the winter months, but I also understand and sympathize with the nearby residents.

  10. I live right above the parcel they are talking about and was never informed about this plan. I’m ready to sue the city. This isn’t the first impression I want to see when coming into town or for that matter the first thing I see when I look out my window in the morning!

  11. Who is monitoring this tent and the people staying there . Are all their shopping carts and belongings going to be everywhere?

  12. So glad to see so many citizens waking up to the fact that our unsecured border has allowed many questionable illegal aliens into our Country. We need to vote down Oregons sanctuary state status. We also have Veterans that are living in the streets in our County, they should come first before illegals.
    The answer is to vote conservatives into office, simple.

  13. Please write or go on line and let the commissioners,
    David Gromberg,
    Dick Anderson lives in LC,
    I would write LC leaders but they will shove you off to the county, ODOT, whoever just to not get involved. Useless

    Just because the county was given money they just had to spend it rather than trashing the program because of safety issues, higher taxes to police, on and on Just like Portland.

    Please go on line to the people listed above and tell them your concerns Thomas is the only way to stop this madness

  14. NO.
    Need to rise up and go to the next City Council meeting.
    So nice for us to provide free services so close to the beach with no public discourse just ramrodded in by the do-gooders who care more about spending your tax $ for others so they can feel good about themselves & then pander for their votes.

  15. The question is why wasn’t all this homeless information put on the ballots for the taxpayers to vote for or against? Seems like it has been in the works for a while without revealing it to the public. What the LC commissioners are doing is going to ruin LC, & it will be just like Portland. Crime will increase, the quality of life for the residents will decrease, & the law abiding tax paying citizens will take 2nd place to the wants & desires of our elected officials. The way to change all of this craziness is how we vote!

  16. You got to be kidding me!
    Literally in our back yard. Thanks for any type of warning. Or a petition asking our opinions or concerns. Who is going to ensure the safety of our neighborhood?

  17. I don’t understand why so much anger about helping the less unfortunate vulnerable people? Where is the compassion and empathy to show our neighbors? Why are we so judgemental about their lifestyle and how they got there? Why is the assumption that they’re the illegal crossing the border are all criminals? Where is people heart and God in all this? Love your neighbors as you would love your self. Whatsoever you do to the least of my people you do unto me. GOD SAID.


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