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Lincoln City Police Log July 5-11

Lincoln City Crime log oregon

The Lincoln City Police Dispatch Daily Desk Log is a public record of police calls. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Friday, July 5

Traffic Stop – 1:18 a.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Francisco Jimenez (9/1/90) taken into custody for protection order violation and transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Found property – 10:16 a.m. – NW 26th St. – Found diamond ring and necklace on the beach turned in to LCPD.

Abandoned Auto – 11:07 a.m. – 3500 NW Port Ave. – 1994 Suzuki Swift towed by Car Care.

Fight – 12:55 p.m. – 4794 SE Highway 101 – Caller reported two transients were fighting near Sports and Imports. Nathan C. Opperud (1/12/79) was taken into custody for no-bail warrant out of Washington State for escaping community custody and transported to Lincoln County jail.

Found property – 1:45 p.m. – 1902 NE 73rd St. – Firearm left at vacation rental retrieved by officer and taken to LCPD for safekeeping.

Shoplift – 3:45 p.m. Safeway – Report of a dark haired woman wearing a turquoise shirt walking out of store with a full cart of groceries. She was taken into custody and transported to LCPD where she was cited and released for Theft.

Suspicious Activity – 6:09 p.m. – South Shell, 1410 SE Highway 101 – Report of possibly intoxicated driver in front of store. Officer responded, contacted driver and seized paraphernalia.

Saturday, July 6

Crash – 12:08 a.m. – 1631 NW Highway 101 – Two vehicle, non-injury crash.

Domestic – 2:55 a.m. – 105 SE Mast Ave. – Report of domestic in parking lot of complex. Roy Lee Babb (2/24/44) taken into custody for domestic menacing and was transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Theft – 11:19 a.m. – 120 SE Highway 101 – Caller reports transients have cut lock and removed cover on power pole to charge laptop and phones. Caller believes one to be same as stole a sweatshirt from her previously.

Theft – 1:09 p.m. – Nike, Lincoln City Outlets – Purse left at Nike store was returned with $550-600 missing.

Drugs – 1:34 p.m. – Ashley Inn, 3430 NE Highway 101 –  Guest left a crystal-like substance in the room upon checkout.

Theft – 3:12 p.m. – Blackfish Cafe, 2733 NW Highway 101 – Caller reported a stainless steel metal cone used for potlatch style barbecuing was stolen from outside the business sometime after closing. Value of item is $800.

Suspicious Activity – 5:03 p.m. – 95 SW Highway 101 – Michael Stroud (1/9/58) was taken into custody for threatening to shoot Asians if they didn’t leave his beach. Stroud is charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, intimidation and was transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Theft – 1015 SW 51st St. – Victim reported she let two people stay with her and they stole items from her residence.

Patrol Information – Multiple calls concerning young people with backpacks going door to door selling cleaning supplies and offering to clean windows. Reported on Fleet and Jetty as suspicious activity.

Illegal Fireworks – 10:48 p.m. – SW 51st St. – Illegal fireworks seized and report taken.

Sunday, July 7

DUII – 4:23 a.m. – 801 SW Highway 101 – Curtis Dwayne Bosworth (12/15/82) cited and released for DUII after emergency room staff at SNLH reported intoxicated male leaving in a vehicle.

DUII Impound – 5:48 a.m. – Street Car Village, 6400 SW Highway 101 – Curtis Dwayne Bosworth cited and released for DUII after traffic stop. Vehicle towed to impound by Lincoln City Towing.

Assisting Outside Agency – 11:03 a.m. – NW 34th St. beach access – Petra C. Sievers (7/18/84) taken into custody on state-wide felony warrant. Sievers was listed as a missing person out of Albany. Sievers was transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Extra Patrol Request – Surftides, 2945 NW Jetty Ave. – Vehicle and occupants were in Surftides parking lot “checking out vehicles.” Jared W. Smith (12/23/67) involved.

Harassment – 7:32 p.m. – NE Oar Ave. & NE 21st St. – Caller reported her ex-boyfriend had assaulted her. Catherine J. Shoemaker (12/21/70) cited and released for harassment.

Suspicious Activity – 7:41 p.m. – 4520 SE High School Dr. – Son found a hypodermic needle and stuck self with it.

Theft – 9:14 p.m. – Safeway – Michael Lee (2/11/84) was taken into custody for walking out of store with full grocery cart. Lee charged with theft and was found to have a state-wide felony warrant for burglary. Lee trespassed from Safeway and transported to Lincoln County Jail.

 Probation Violation – 11:17 p.m – SE 1st St. & SE Highway 101 – Robyn R. Austin (3/19/93) found intoxicated, was taken into custody and transported to Lincoln County Jail for violating probation.

Monday, July 8

Suspicious Activity – 11:58 a.m. – 2548 SW Anchor Ave. – Neighbor reports a subject going into the house.

Hit and Run – 2:42 p.m. – 1410 SE Highway 101 – Report of a gold Dodge truck  striking a red Ford and continuing north on Highway 101.

Found Property – 5:33 p.m. – A camera that fell from a vehicle was brought to LCPD.

Crash – 5:40 p.m. – 4101 NW Logan Rd. – Motorhome crashed in Safeway parking lot.

Theft – 7:13 p.m. – Kenny’s IGA South, 4845 SW Highway 101 – Longboard stolen from location.

Probation Violation – Chinook Winds Casino parking lot – 8:05 p.m. – John Randall Yegge Jr. (7/8/98) arrested for probation violation after disturbance between mother and daughter over mother’s driving.

Tuesday, July 9

Warrant Arrest – 2:18 a.m. – NW 39th St. & NW Jetty Ave. – Terrance L. McCune (3/12/69) taken into custody for warrant out of Coos County for theft. Taken to Lincoln County Jail.

Shoplifting – 5:38 p.m. – Lincoln City Liquor Store, 2409 NW Highway 101 – Wesley Daniel Scott (4/2/81) cited and released for shoplifting.

Disorderly Conduct – 8:26 p.m. – 3449 NE West Devils Lake Rd. – David C. Klingensmith (12/2/81) taken into custody after reports of a suspicious male in the area. Klingensmith was transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Recovered Stolen License Plate – 8:24 p.m. – NE 14th St. & NE Oar Ave. – Vehicle located displaying stolen plates out of Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Wednesday, July 10

Disturbance – 2:35 a.m. – 2190 NE Quay Pl. – Aaron R. Nash (6/24/86) taken into custody for assault. Joanne M. Thomas (6/2/79) taken into custody for outstanding misdemeanor warrant out of Multnomah County for criminal mischief. Nash transported to Lincoln County Jail and Thomas cited and released.

Domestic – 10:48 a.m. – 2034 NE Port Ave. – Report of male/female disturbance at location. Report taken.

Found Property – 1:34 p.m. – Wallet found at Goodwill turned into LCPD.

Hit and Run – 3:46 p.m. – NE 45th St. & NE Devils Lake Blvd. – White full-size pickup with aggressive thread struck and damaged a sign and planter box.

Theft – 10:02 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Theft of black jacket from main gaming floor at casino. Surveillance footage available.

Suspicious Person – 11:42 p.m. – Snug Harbor, 5001 SE Highway 101 – Employee reported a juvenile keeps coming into the bar.

Thursday, July 11

Fraud – 7:53 a.m. – 5801 NE Voyage Ave. – Fraudulent iTunes charges on credit card reported.

Extra Patrol Request – St. Augustine Catholic Church, 1139 NW Highway 101 – Report of transients camping on property. Always gone by morning but leave a lot of trash.

Crash – 11:56 a.m. – 2891 SW Highway 101 – Two vehicle, non-injury crash.

Harassment – 2:35 p.m. – 2433 NE 29th St. – Caller reporting her ex posted inappropriate photos of her on the Internet without her permission.

Suspicious Activity – 3:25 p.m. – 3809 NW Jetty Ave. – Caller reported a group of seven intoxicated teenagers on the beach. Officers made contact with four of them and one was transported to SNLH for alcohol poisoning.

Assisting Outside Agency – 4:39 p.m. – Walgreens, 4048 NE Highway 101 – William R. Simer (11/18/95)

Found Property – 5:05 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino beach – Found iPhone on beach.

Assisting Outside Agency – 5:19 p.m. – 4101 NW Logan Rd. – Eric Joseph Senteney-Shparago (1/27/90) cited and released for warrant out of Lincoln County for failure to appear for larceny.

Fraud – 7:04 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Counterfeit $20 reported at casino.



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