Friday, August 19, 2022


Lanee Danforth

Lanee Danforth for Lincoln County Prosecutor

Lincoln County is voting on who will be their District Attorney for the next four years.

Elect Lanee for integrity humility and reliability

I have known Lanee Danforth since she started at the Coos County District Attorney's Office back in 2016.

Deputy District Attorney Supports Lanee for DA

Lanee is a natural leader.  From the day she joined our office she has demonstrated strong leadership skills and has earned the trust and respect of her fellow prosecutors, staff, and law enforcement.

Danforth and honesty for DA

I am hoping that voters realize that the integrity demonstrated in a person's campaign is the level of integrity that they will hold in their office. 

Lanee never takes the easy way out

I have worked in law enforcement in our county for over thirty years and I am supporting Lanee Danforth for District Attorney.

Lanee soothed our fears

We didn't set out to meet Lanee Danforth – or anyone at the DA's office for that matter.  But as it happened, we were given the opportunity to have a young lady come live in our house.

Put Lanee in the game

I had the opportunity to watch lawyers both from the defense community and from the district attorney's' office.  Lanee Danforth was by far the most impressive.

Lanee knows the law better than anyone

I was Lanee's direct supervisor in the office and I can tell you that she has what it takes to be a great district attorney for Lincoln County. 

Lanee has a natural ability to lead

For nearly the last four years, I've had the unique perspective of observing most attorneys in Lincoln County and many others from larger firms across the state. I can unequivocally say that few, if any, have impressed me as much as Lanee Danforth.
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