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Put Lanee in the game

Lanee Danforth Lincoln County DA

I have lived in Lincoln County for several years, and last year I finally served on jury duty.  In and out of the courthouse several times,  I had the opportunity to watch lawyers both from the defense community and from the district attorney’s’ office.  Lanee Danforth was by far the most impressive.

Although I ultimately wasn’t selected to sit on a jury, I went back just to watch Lanee’s argument in a very serious case.  Her poise, confidence, thoroughness, and command of the law were simply remarkable.  Lanee has my vote for district attorney because I would love to see her in a position of leadership where she could hire and train other prosecutors to perform at her level.

When I think of the qualities I would like to see in a district attorney, I think of someone who is an effective communicator, is professional, and who is committed to enforcing the law and keeping the community safe. That is Lanee.  It is frustrating to me that the governor appointed Mr. Cable as our new district attorney — someone who has spent the last several years of his career as a defense attorney, working to keep criminals out of jail.   Yes, he worked for the DA’s office before.  Why did he leave? Is it that easy to change sides?

His biggest criticism of Lanee seems to be her age.  Do we all need to be reminded that Judge Charles Littlehales became the Lincoln County District Attorney when he was 28 years old? He went on to have a four-decade-long distinguished career as a DA and judge, and was well-regarded by the legal community.  I hope no one is suggesting the rules should be different for Lanee because she is a woman.

If I have learned anything in life, it is that doing something longer doesn’t necessarily make someone better.   You don’t sit Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, or LeBron James on the bench because they are young.  You recognize and reward skill, talent and passion.

Put Lanee in the game.

Vote for her in the May election.


Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


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