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A neighbor needs some help

Jay Beck gives an encouraging thumbs up

In June of 2023, Jay Beck, an Otis resident and owner of Vivian’s Restaurant and Bill’s Barbeque (1115 SE 1st St) in Lincoln City, fell from a ladder while doing repairs on his home . The moment he hit the ground he knew something was terribly wrong. Assessing his situation he discovered that he could not move his body below his neck.

While he lay paralyzed in the grass and mud with a broken shoulder blade, broken elbow and, his doctors said, a fractured vertebrae and severe damage to his spinal cord, he struggled to gather his thoughts and tried to find the strength to call out for help. 

His cell phone had fallen just three feet away from where he landed but it was of no use because he couldn’t move to pick it up.

In agonizing torment, until Jay could hear a friend come near, he didn’t have the energy to yell loud enough to be heard.

For three hours he had to wait, flat on his back, for the exact moment when his voice was strong enough to shout out to his friend that had just stopped by.

According to Jay’s sister Laurie Hall, “When the friend heard Jay calling he rushed over and asked how he could help.  Jay asked him to pick up his cell phone and to call 911 and then to call his wife Ann.”  Jay was Life Flighted to Salem where he was treated for his injuries.

Jay survived but is still suffering from that accident.

Hall continues, “He had surgery on his neck at an out of town hospital and stayed there for over three months.  In that time he also developed a deep wound from a bed sore. That is interfering with his convalescence.

Right now he is able to move his left knee and has some movement in is toes. His arms work but he has limited use of his hands  The doctor says there is a good chance that he could walk again-at least with a walker.”

Vivian and Bill’s on the D River

So, this story leads us to today and a request for help from Jay’s family.  Because of the mounting costs associated with his recovery and the subsequent temporary closure of his restaurant Jay has begun selling the antiques and collectibles he has cherished for years to raise some money.  

On Saturday January 27, at Vivian’s Restaurant and Bill’s Barbeque from 10a.m. until 2p.m., Jay’s collection is available to purchase.  Hall notes that they will have a “Make offer and bag sale.”

They hope to reopen for business next week and start serving guests on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 9a.m.until 2p.m.  “There will be just myself serving as waitress and one cook until we get enough business back to re-staff says Hall.”

A GoFundMe site has also been established.  Click here for details.

Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. Jay & Ann- Just found out from Carla. You know we will be contributing AND EATING when you open !!! See you there.
    leslie & Family / Winddriven


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