Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Letters to the Editor

What does a leader look like?

When the COVID 19 lockdown began, Don Williams started taking donations at his building in Taft and turned those donations into cash for the warming shelter and other charities.

Williams for the future

Don Williams is the only candidate that has a vision for moving Lincoln City out of the COVID pat and into a prosperous future.

Vote for Don

For four years while he served the people of Lincoln City as mayor Don faced unprecedented attacks from the city council and their hired minions.

A vote for Williams

While Susan Wahlke voted to waste over $200,000 of our tax dollars on false ethics charges against mayor Williams and a private investigator to snoop into the lives of citizens whose only crimes were having publicly met with the mayor to discuss their concerns, Don kept working for us.

Susan Wahlke for Mayor

I am writing to heartily endorse Susan Wahlke to be the next mayor of Lincoln City.

Why Democrats Endorsed Susan Wahlke for Mayor

There are some good candidates running for the Lincoln City mayor's office, but Susan Wahlke stands out as a candidate with the necessary experience, a strong work ethic and the institutional knowledge necessary to foster good governance.

An easy solution for a tough choice

I've been reading and hearing from several well-respected citizens of Lincoln City about why they prefer one of the four remaining candidates for Mayor to be decided in our May 18 special election.

Vote for Fernando Garza

This city needs to have a new voice for Mayor.

I support Riley Hoagland for mayor

I am writing to express my support for Councilor Riley Hoagland, who will bring a fresh perspective and new energy at a crucial time for our community.

Paid Mayor?

A writer has said he and others have not been satisfied with the last two Mayors and if we, perhaps, would pay a Mayor we might have a better result.

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