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Vote Yes for Trades Training

This May, Lincoln County voters have an opportunity to have a Trades Education facility that will train local community members for in-demand, well-paying and transportable careers for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

Why vote yes?

**Constructs a building that serves the entire community in trades training. (Angell Job Corps in Yachats does an excellent job in serving the group of students it is charged with serving–18 to 24 year old individuals, predominantly from lower income backgrounds–but it cannot serve our general public.)

**Leverages additional funding for trades programs from federal, state and private sources.

**Assists the College in working in partnership with existing trades organizations, Lincoln County School District, Samaritan Health District, Georgia Pacific, Lincoln County, Ports and Cities as well as the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

**Upon passage, the State will provide an $8 million dollar match.

**Does not raise taxes–continues with the same level of support as the expiring bond.

**Upgrades safety and technological infrastructure to current demands.

**College has a history of providing buildings on-time and under-budget.

Check out the Letters of Support in the Voters Pamphlet:

Still on the fence? Get the facts.

Details on the Oregon Coast Community College Bond Measure are available at

Vote Yes on OCCC Trades Measure 21-224!

Pat O’Connor
Co-Chair, Friends of OCCC
Past President of OCCC

LCH Reader
LCH Reader
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