Monday, August 8, 2022


Re-elect Circuit Judge Sheryl Bachart

I first met Judge Bachart when we both served on the board of a local non-profit organization several years ago.

Keep Bachart as Lincoln County Judge

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the Honorable Sheryl Bachart for re-election to the bench in Lincoln County.

Retired Deputy for Cable as DA

I am proud to endorse Jonathan Cable for Lincoln County District Attorney.

Earth Day 2020

The first Earth Day was 50 years ago and I was a freshman in high school. Earth Day seemed to be a ray of hope on the horizon for saving the planet.

Baldwin is the best choice for Judge

I have known Russ Baldwin for 10 years as my personal attorney.

Chief Deputy DA for Cable as DA

I am writing this letter out of deep concern for our community and to share what I have learned after 22 years practicing criminal law, this being my 17th year as a prosecutor.

I am essential

I’m not afraid of Lincoln Co. Sheriff Curtis Landers, who warned this week that his deputies are on the prowl for “groups” of people flouting Governor Kate Brown’s lockdown order.

Campaign Manager Cable for Lincoln County DA

It's unfortunate my husband, Lincoln County District Attorney Jonathan Cable – a very kind, caring, and honest man – is under character assassination by Deputy District Attorney Lanee Danforth – who chose to run against him, yet (with Deputy District Attorney Kylie Andrisa) blames him for dividing the county and DA's office.

Taking the high road amid dirty politics

In response to Mr. Park’s announcement that he is suspending his campaign for Lincoln County District Attorney, I have one question for Mr. Park.  What campaign?

Danforth is best choice for District Attorney

I have lived in Lincoln County for several years, and last year I finally served on jury duty.