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richard appicello

City Attorney Richard Appicello was fired “without cause” last night at a city council special meeting. The vote was 4-1 in favor of terminating Appicello’s employment.  The link to the meeting can be found here. (*note, the meeting begins and then recesses for an executive session then resumes near the end for the vote)

Councilor Riley Hoagland was the lone dissenter. When asked about his vote he said, “I am unable to elaborate and have no comment .”

Appicello was a controversial figure for many years among many citizens and had his fair share of detractors.

Said a council member who asked to remain anonymous, “It was time to pull the trigger. It wasn’t just one thing. It was a lot of little things. He just wasn’t a very good attorney.”

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Don Williams
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  1. I believe that City Council needs new representation from a competent and experienced City Attorney. A legal advisor who supports and inspires them to provide leadership in an ethical and productive manner, for the citizens who have elected them. Elaine Walsh

  2. Why is this significant event not being reported in any other local media print or radio source? Did something happen to reverse this City Council action? Is there “the rest of the story” for Don Williams to report?

  3. I worked with Mr. Appicello for five years while chair of the Planning Commission. His advice was always appropriate, often necessary, and seldom welcome. He ruffled feathers. I’m sorry to see him go, feathers need to be ruffled.

  4. Unfortunately I saw directly how the city attorney had committed to service for the city and now only didn’t do a job of even verifying things he approved not only that were clearly wrong but the implementing rule and operations that are clearly so bad for our community it’s not ok and people are and will continue to get hurt. I don’t know if he just really don’t care or if he just couldn’t do the job but if he can’t get the small stuff right what is happening to the larger more costly issues for the citizens of our community. I’ve watched this go on for over a year now and he never got it right or cared to make it right. Sad!!!

  5. You may not have liked his brusque personality, but he absolutely knew municipal law. Stupid decision. The city already can’t get local people to fill the planning and finance director positions. Now they are down an attorney.

  6. I worked with Mr. Appicello when he was in Ashland. He has a brusque personality as stated above, but beyond that veneer is a man of substance–intelligent and thoughtful. I question this decision.


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