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Lincoln City Police Crime Log July 26- Aug 1

Lincoln City Police Crime Log August

The Lincoln City Police Dispatch Daily Desk Log is a public record of police calls. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Friday, July 26

Offensive Littering – 3:09 a.m. – NW Jetty Ave. & NW 40th Pl. – Hilary Lorraine April (8/4/49) taken into custody for offensive littering. April was transported to SNLH for medical evaluation, cited and released from hospital.

Extra Patrol Request – 8:05 a.m. – 3225 SE Fleet Ave. – Extra patrol requested due to a trailer door and a fence board removed and placed on the ground.

Extra Patrol Request – 2300 NE Surf Ave. – Report of mailbox damaged last night. Extra night patrol requested.

Assault – 11:12 a.m. – 3043 NE 28th St. – Report victim was thrown by suspect Joseph Zappa (3/7/66). Report taken.

Found Property – 2:06 p.m. – SE 32nd St. public restrooms – Found wallet turned into LCPD. Property was returned to owner.

Assisting Outside Agency – 9:21 p.m. – Black Squid Beer House, 3001 SW Highway 101 – Jason D. McIntyre (7/19/87) taken into custody for being heavily intoxicated with a no alcohol clause. Detainer placed by probation officer. Transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Saturday, July 27

Domestic Disturbance – 7:23 a.m. – 1123 SW 51st St. – Caller reported her son was causing a disturbance and had broken a car window. Daniel D. Bryant (12/8/81) was placed on a peace officer hold and taken to SNLH via ambulance for possible injuries to his arm.

Extra Patrol Request – 777 SW 11th Dr. – Requested for possible squatters and suspicious persons hanging out at a condemned house.

Prisoner Transport – 9:53 a.m. – Bryant transported to Lincoln County Jail for domestic menacing and criminal mischief.

Disturbance – 6:20 p.m. – Aaron S. Kilby (2/15/77) is creating problems, yelling at neighbors that he’s not to contact per court order. Kilby taken into custody for contempt of court and tampering with a witness. Transported to Lincoln County jail.

Possession – 9:25 p.m. – 1136 SE Galley Ct. – David Paul Williamson (5/6/89) taken into custody for possession of heroin after officers witnessed drug activity. Transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Sunday, July 28 

Found Property – 3:59 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Wallet found on beach turned into Chinook Winds Security. Wallet taken for safekeeping.

Domestic – 4:48 p.m. – 2005 NE Reef Ave. – Caller reports a victim called her screaming and in fear of her boyfriend who was going to harm her and take her son. Both parties were in Springfield and Springfield Police contacted both who said it was verbal. Informational report taken.

Drugs – 6:19 p.m. – SE Highway 101 & SE 9th St. – Caller at the mall reported there were four females in a green SUV doing drugs. Officer conducted a traffic stop and after a consent search, drugs were seized. Report taken.

Assisting Outside Agency – 8:58 p.m. – Safeway – Natasha Willey taken into custody for probation violation and transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Monday, July 29

Attempted Burglary – 2:22 a.m. – Construction trailer, 4900 SW Coast Ave. – Male banging on a construction trailer trying to get inside. Told Caller he had a gun when confronted. Report taken.

Burglary – 2:51 a.m. – 5057 SW Beach Ave. – Forced entry into house. Report taken.

Criminal Mischief – 11:32 a.m. – 2340 NE 35th St. – Damage to white Jeep Wrangler reported.

Theft – 12:25 p.m. – 115 SE Mast Ave. – Hammock swing and equipment stolen from porch overnight.

Harassment – 1:49 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Caller reporting unwanted contact at casino last night.

Assisting Outside Agency – 6:45 p.m. – LCPD – Citizen turned in kayak vest with radio, knife and GoPro at request of Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday, July 30

Criminal Mischief – 7:40 a.m. – 1303 NW 12th St. – Large amount of trash dumped in parking lot.

Theft – 1:09 p.m. – 1760 NE Oar Ave. – Package stolen from porch.

Found Property – 4:32 p.m. – Found knee brace turned into LCPD.

Crash – 6:28 p.m. – N Highway 101 & NW 25th St. – Two vehicle crash at location with injury. Lexus LX570 SUV into fire department construction area and a third vehicle damaged by falling construction fence. 

Wednesday, July 31

Disturbance – 10 45 a.m. – Burger King, 710 SE Highway 101 Angry customer in Burger King caused a scene. Report taken.

Found Property – 12:09 p.m. – NW 33rd St. & NW Neptune Ave. – Wallet found in the street. Attempted to contact owner.

Noise – 533 SE Oar Ave. – Caller reported a loud party. Officers responded and took report.

Thursday, Aug 1

Criminal Mischief – 7:48 a.m. – 15th St. Beach Access – Caller reported light fixtures were damaged at beach access. Witnesses reported an unknown male destroying them. Officers unable to locate suspect.

Trespass – 8:57 a.m. – 3535 SE Harbor Ave. – Caller reported her neighbor said Jeremy was on her back porch. Jeremy had been trespassed from her residence yesterday. Jeremy taken into custody and transported to Lincoln County Jail for trespassing.

Missing Person – 12:29 p.m. – Lincoln County – Caller reports his ex-wife, Cheyanne Dawn Clement (5/31/94) has been unaccounted for since 7/19. Last seen in Lincoln City with a Donald Williams in a tan or green pickup. Has not contacted family or logged into social media since. Entered into LEDS/NCIC.

Found Person – 1:03 p.m. – Highway 101 & NW 33rd – Sgt. Winn found a small child walking along Highway 101. Reunited with parents. Report taken.

Criminal Mischief – 4:48 p.m. – Dorchester House, 2701 NW Highway 101 – Two vehicles broken into.

Probation Violation – 6:33 p.m. – Keylock Apartments, SE 3rd St. – Caleb A. Schoegje (7/19/92) taken into custody for violating probation and transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Found Property – 6 p.m. – Surftides, 2945 NW Jetty Ave. – Employee was given a wallet found on the beach. Officer picked up wallet.

Probation Violation – 7:43 p.m. – Lincoln City Community Center – Sylvia R. Hutchinson-Hernandez (1/16/96) taken into custody per her probation officer and transported to Lincoln County Jail.




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