Nelscott sewer pump station spills millions of gallons of raw sewage onto beach


10636752_1511749789066326_2815663189026742162_oIt is now deemed an ordinary occurrence when rain causes raw sewage to spill onto public beaches. Public works stated the last time a few months back they spent millions to fix the issue yet this November/December another nasty spill took place. The city needs to be held accountable for these spills. Devils Lake is always being used by the city to dump raw sewage also. Wake up and smell the scat. Dump the city manager and his legal hack. Facebook… Friends of Devils Lake… come check it out.

Richard Danielson

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  1. Counselor Anderson seemed upset over the reporting of Lincoln City “spilling, dumping” of raw sewage. Verbs are so annoying sometimes eh Anderson? Not as annoying as your feces being washed up on our beaches. You will want to watch the Lincoln City Council Meeting of this week. Seems the counselors other than one member are more disturbed over the use of “raw” also. A turd in
    a swimming pool to me makes the water polluted. Raw sewage should never reach our beaches untreated. Watering down or diluting raw sewage and dumping it onto our beaches is unacceptable and the end product is diluted raw sewage no matter what counselor SUE! Whalkie says. Here is an article worth reading. Have any comments or opinions please respond Here or on Facebook Friends Of Devils Lake. We The People are the only ones who seem to care and may be the only ones who can apply pressure for the obvious changes that are necessary.

  2. Sewer has been flowing onto Nelscot beach at 35th st beach access since Wednesday morning. City defends this as merely a rain event occurance. Lila needs to wake up and understand there are ways to prevent this and the proposed sewer lines in the Taft area will not stop the rain. Lila needs to get busy stopping the water seepage into the system. It’s doable but not being practiced. Wake up Ron Chandler


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