Friday, May 24, 2024


Letters to the Editor

Spirit, Leadership & Solutions Vote for Carolyn Nguyen

Lincoln City needs new leadership.

Sydney Kasner For City Council

 My first impression of Sydney was that it was easy to tell that she cared. I see "care" often used as a buzzword, used only to push an agenda forward. Not Sydney.

Sydney Kasner for City Council Ward 2

I first met Sydney Kasner when she sat before City Council to interview for a partial term Ward 2 City Council seat. (Term was short; no special election.) It was a ZOOM meeting during the pandemic.

Honor our elders and celebrate joyful moments

Now that the closures of the pandemic have waned many are returning to regular schedules and making up for missed travel. I would like to remind everyone that it's easy to forget that our elders took the brunt of illness during the pandemic.

Who looks after Lincoln City’s “unvetted” homeless population?

Although I genuinely support any well-intentioned attempt the city takes in acknowledging its responsibility to provide shelter of any kind for its homeless population, I can't help but note the huge difference between the support that the city recently gave to the Helping Hands

Another Urban Renewal project

Since the beginning of urban renewal in 1988, the City has received over $49 million dollars of your tax money. The agency has spent millions on purchasing buildings and vacant lots which are now off the tax rolls and none of which gives return to the taxpayers.

Oregon Cultural Trust

Do you value public radio, music, libraries, museums and monuments? If so, please take advantage of Oregon's most generous offer to support them. 

Oregon: Choose wildlife over waste

I grew up visiting polluted Southern California beaches and can't remember a single day trip searching for shells in which we weren't able to find weathered remnants of foam cups.

Letter: Too many crosswalks on Highway 101

Can anyone explain the thought behind putting excessive crosswalks on Highway 101?

Recognizing the importance of physicians in our community

As we prepare to celebrate Doctors’ Day on March 30, it is the perfect opportunity to thank and recognize our physicians for the important work they do each and every day to help us achieve our health care mission.

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