OSP Urging Safe Travels After Responding to Over 750 Traffic Incidents In 36 Hours


In the past 36 hours we have had responded to over 750 traffic incidents statewide. These include 91 road hazards, 266 disabled vehicles, and 394 reported crashes. Most were weather related. Fortunately no lives were lost but we are still urging motorists safe travels during this storm.

If traveling is not necessary, please don’t. If it is necessary please “Know Before You Go” by going to www.tripcheck.com to see travel conditions and chain requirements.

Take your time and slow down when poor driving conditions are present. Please know chain/traction tire requirements when traveling. Failure to follow the requirements could result in a $160 fine and being turned around.

If your vehicle becomes disabled or cannot travel any further, do NOT stop in the roadway. Please try to get it off the plowed section of the roadway or it could be towed. Leave a note with the vehicle explaining when you intend on removing it. Under state law, an abandoned vehicle which is a hazard can be towed immediately. If not a hazard it can be towed 24 hours after tagged by law enforcement.

Be prepared in the event you become stuck during your travels- Carry water, food, and blankets in the event you are stuck in your vehicle during your trip

Put the distractions away. Pull over to use that handheld electronic device, ask as passenger to help or wait to arrive at your destination to use them.

Get rested before you travel. Fatigued drivers are more frequent during holiday weekends because of increased travel and activity. Be patient and allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

Wear your safety belt. Ensure your passengers and children are properly restrained too. We see too many crashes were people would have walked away with minor in any injuries.

These simple tips are your way to support our mission of transportation safety during storms such as these.

A few images from traffic incidents: https://youtu.be/578lAcTMYCw

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