Shark Attack


    Oregon State Police (OSP) is continuing the investigation into a shark attack that occurred in the Pacific Ocean near Indian Beach within Ecola State Park on Monday afternoon.

    On October 10, 2016 at about 4:00 PM, (OSP) troopers and local first responders were dispatched to a shark bite victim at Indian Beach located within Ecola State Park.

    On arrival OSP troopers and first responders located the victim, identified as JOSEPH TANNER, age 29, from Portland, with injuries sustained from a shark attack. Preliminary information indicates that Mr. Tanner was surfing out in the ocean when he was attacked by a shark. Mr. Tanner sustained bites to his upper thigh and lower leg. Mr. Tanner was stabilized on scene and was transported via air ambulance to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland with serious injuries.

    During the shark attack at Indian Beach (Ecola State Park) there were two additional surfers who were in the water with Mr. Tanner. The two surfers (one identified as Mr. West Woodworth, age 29, from Portland and the other wishes not to be identified) recalled the following information:

    Mr. Woodworth told me Mr. Tanner had been in the water for approximately 10-15 minutes before the shark attack occurred. Mr. Woodworth was paddling towards Mr. Tanner and the other male. Mr. Woodworth saw Mr. Tanner start to flail around and then get back on his board. He then heard Mr. Tanner scream to get out of the water. Mr. Woodworth told me all three started paddling back into the shoreline which was approximately 30-40 yards away from them. Mr. Tanner was able to get almost to the shoreline when Mr. Woodworth pulled him out of the water. Mr. Tanner started directing Mr. Woodworth and other people on the beach on how to tie a tourniquet around his leg. They eventually used the leash of Mr. Tanner’s surfboard with square knots as the tourniquet. Mr. Tanner was then placed on his board and with the help of approximately 6 people (in total) they carried Mr. Tanner to the parking lot where they waited for an ambulance. The ambulance arrived approximately fifteen minutes after they arrived in the parking lot.

    The other male (age 42 from Portland) witness told me he was approximately ten feet from Mr. Tanner when he noticed Mr. Tanner slip off his board. The movement was unusual so he asked Mr. Tanner if he was Ok. The male then saw, what appeared to him, as a large dorsal fin and the back of the shark. The male told me he believed the shark was grey and the back (part that he could see) was approximately eight feet long. Mr. Tanner then yelled at the male to get out of the water and they all started paddling towards the shore. It wasn’t until they were at the shore that the male realized that Mr. Tanner had been bit.

    Neither of the two men wish to be interviewed by media outlets. We have no additional information on Mr. Tanner’s condition. There are no photos or additional information available.

    OSP troopers from the Astoria Area Command are continuing the investigation.

    OSP was assisted at the scene by Cannon Beach Fire Department, Cannon Beach Police Department and the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office.

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