Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Circuit Court


Rock Creek Stables awarded civil judgment against Lisa Bagby

Horse boarding and riding facility Rock Creek Stables was awarded a $100,256 judgment against Otis public figure Lisa Bagby, who gained notoriety during the investigation of railroad engineer Cameron Shelden's death in 2019 and her subsequent movie career.

We have known Tom Branford for over forty years

We have known Tom Branford for over forty years. He is honest, hard working, and down to earth. He is also a dedicated family man.

Vote Russell Baldwin for Judge – Vikki Bartels

I am endorsing Russ Baldwin, attorney for Lincoln County Judge this May 15th! In the 35 years that I have known Russ Baldwin personally, he has always been polite and respectful towards me.

This is why I support Russ Baldwin for Lincoln County, Circuit Judge

Russ Baldwin, attorney, who is running for Circuit Judge, Pos. 3, has a passion for fairness and for justice under the law for all of us regular people.

Lincoln City resident Russ Baldwin running for Judge

CIRCUIT JUDGE RACE: Lincoln County, OR Russell L. Baldwin is running for circuit court judge in the May 15, 2018 primary election. The primary race...

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