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Filmed from Depoe Bay City Park. Totality is my raw footage of the 2017 Solar Eclipse with some music.

Where Are All The People?

Lincoln City, Newport, and Depoe Bay are ghost towns. How did this happen? Is it too early to tell? Where are all the people?...

Depoe Bay Mayor – Urgent Message

August 19, 2017, Depoe Bay, Oregon - An urgent message to eclipse lovers in Oregon from Mayor Barbara Leff of Depoe Bay on the central coast:...

#DriveHealthy During the Eclipse ODOT

ODOT expects many Oregon highways to be very crowded in the days around the Aug. 21 #OReclipse. Many crashes are the result of distracted driving...

Total Solar Eclipse – Lincoln City Oregon

Lincoln City is in the path of totality for the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017! Observers there will see 1m 55s of totality!
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