Friday, June 14, 2024


Onyx's Great Adventure

Onyx’s Great Adventure unleashed on pet-friendly journey east

As a crowd gathered in Mo's parking lot this morning to see the troop off, hugs and treats were exchanged in ample supply. People made journeys of their own just for the chance to see the trio off.

‘Team Ronyx’ throws bone to service mutts with countrywide dog walk

Lincoln City resident Ron Storms is passionate about getting people to support animals. He and his black lab, Onyx, along with Parks & Recreation leader Meghan Shreiner, are set to depart Saturday on a 3,000-mile hike-and-bike charity journey to Pennsylvania called "Onyx's Great Adventure."

‘Onyx’s Great Adventure’ is the perfect fundraising storm

The trio's journey, called Onyx's Great Adventure, will be live streamed and documented on their Facebook page and website.

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