Thursday, May 23, 2024



Security Summit warns of new IRS impersonation email scam

The Internal Revenue Service and its Security Summit partners today warned taxpayers and tax professionals about a new IRS impersonation scam campaign spreading nationally on email.

Check in, then check out possible credit card scam on your room charge

Newport Police are warning visitors of a "hotel front desk scam" designed to charge your credit card a second time after checking into your room.

Travelers losing thousands to ‘Expedia’ scam

A network of scammers is using Expedia's name to take consumers for thousands of dollars by having them purchase gift cards and saying their refund site is not working properly.

Building a digital defense against ‘sextortion’ scams

In the last few days, the FBI has launched a national campaign to raise awareness about the crime of "sextortion" with a goal of helping parents protect their families.

Oregon anglers, hunters warned of phony license online scam

For Oregon consumers looking to hunt and/or fish this season, be careful when purchasing licenses as Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific has learned of an ongoing online scam publishing phony licenses.

Tax season brings warnings of personal info, money scams

It’s never safe to let down your guard, warns the Oregon Department of Revenue. Scam tactics are always evolving and becoming more effective. Scammers...

Sheriff’s Office warns public about bogus phone call

We've heard from multiple citizens who have received phone calls or voicemail messages from someone claiming to be Deputy/Sergeant/Lieutenant "Todd Hughes" with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

Scammers posing as IRS on the rise

As we get into tax season, the IRS is reminding taxpayers to be on the lookout for scam e-mails aimed at tricking you into disclosing personal and financial information that could be used to steal your identity and financial assets. 

Oregon joins fight against fraudulent practices, charity scams

Awareness about charity scams helps ensure that donors’ hard-earned money goes to the worthy causes they seek to support.

Law enforcement phone scams on the rise in Lincoln County

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office received numerous complaints from citizens after they received phone calls from subjects identifying themselves as law enforcement officers.

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