Wednesday, June 7, 2023


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Put Lanee in the game

I had the opportunity to watch lawyers both from the defense community and from the district attorney's' office.  Lanee Danforth was by far the most impressive.

Lanee knows the law better than anyone

I was Lanee's direct supervisor in the office and I can tell you that she has what it takes to be a great district attorney for Lincoln County. 

Lanee has a natural ability to lead

For nearly the last four years, I've had the unique perspective of observing most attorneys in Lincoln County and many others from larger firms across the state. I can unequivocally say that few, if any, have impressed me as much as Lanee Danforth.

Lincoln County Chief Deputy DA for Cable as DA

I am writing this letter out of deep concern for our community and to share what I have learned after 22 years practicing criminal law, this being my 17th year as a prosecutor.

Cable is the right choice

Until January of this year, I was a Deputy District Attorney in Lincoln County and was responsible for child abuse and sexual assault crimes, chaired the child abuse multidisciplinary team and sexual assault response team, and was a member of the major crimes team.

Deputy District Attorney and Former Ethics Investigator Supports DA Jonathan Cable

Right now, Jonathan Cable's experience matters. He is showing solid leadership in these troubling times and is working 24/7 to maintain law and order while our county weathers this storm.

CARES Act Offers Help for Investors, Small Businesses

As we go through the coronavirus crisis, we are all, first and foremost, concerned about the health of our loved ones and communities.

Don’t Let Coronavirus Infect Your Investment Strategy

As you know, the coronavirus has become a major health concern, not just in China, but in other parts of the world, too – and it’s also shaken up the financial markets.

SECURE Act: Good News for Business Owners

If you own a business, you know that setting up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees can be challenging. But it may now be getting easier.

Is Market Timing a Smart Investment Strategy?

You may have heard that timing is everything. And in many walks of life, that may be true – but not necessarily when it comes to investing.
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