A Tour To Die For


a-tour-to-die-for-mobile-replace-1A Tour To Die For is a collaboration between the North Lincoln County Historical Museum, Taft Pioneer Cemetery Association and Theatre West. Stories about the residents of the Cemetery are united with actors to literally bring the history of Lincoln City to life.

Your tour guide is well versed in the legends and lore of our town. You’ll hear the Native American legend about the creature that lives in Devils Lake, as well as other mysterious occurrences along the way to the cemetery.

06-aYour final destination is the final destination of many of the early settlers of Lincoln City: Pioneer Cemetery. You’ll meet six of the people interred here while taking a lantern tour lasting about 60 minutes. Of course, you will also hear an eternity of fascinating tales.

Ninety two years ago, Mr. Bones, owner of the grocery store in the Taft district of Lincoln City, donated land for the City’s first cemetery. Taft Pioneer Cemetery is on a hill with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean (which is to die for). This year, Mr. Bones invites you for an evening tour so he can introduce you to some of the folks who reside there.

Your tour (which is also to die for) begins at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Hot beverages and snacks are on hand to fortify you for your journey. Your guide will bring you aboard the tour van and regale you with stories and legends of Lincoln City’s past on your way through town.
01-aYour destination? Our hill-top cemetery, for a rare night-time visit and walk-through where you will meet some of the people who reside there. A sea captain who didn’t make it back to port, a woman who ran the Post Office back when women didn’t do such things, a town character who may try to sell you “roses” plus a few other folks who have a tale to tell.

A Tour to Die For – October 21-22 & 28-30

Tours depart at 5:30, 6:00, 6:30 & 7:00pm from the Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City

Get Your Tour Tickets – $25 each   GET TICKETS


In the event of inclement weather, you’ll have a drive-through tour of Pioneer Cemetery followed by a nighttime walk-through of our Historical Museum where you’ll meet our friends from the past.
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