Lincoln City Candidates Forum in 336 Seconds


098The 2016 Lincoln City Candidates Forum held at Chinook Winds Casino Resort went much better than any of the Presidential debates. The question and answer event flowed smoothly and I think the gal holding up the signs with “15 Seconds Left” had something to do with it.

The entire event (All two hours of it) can be watched on The Newsguard’s Website.

candidates forumWe decided to save you the time and squish the forum down to 336 seconds. We couldn’t show the video in it’s entirety because in this day and age nobody is going to sit through it. By crunching the video down there are bound to be omissions. That’s what the comments section is for! Leave a comment about something you want others to know about.

Justin was going to do a Live show on Facebook but the WiFi password was “Not available at this time.”

Marvin Sandnes of the Pacific Green Party won two LCHP awards for “Most Animated” and “Best Charts.” He’s at the end of the video speaking about the Heroin epidemic.

Thanks to all the candidates for wanting to serve and special thanks to Heather Hatton from Chinook Winds for her time.


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Justin Werner
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