Friday, July 10, 2020

Oregon House Rep. David Gomberg

Oregon House Rep. David Gomberg
David Gomberg (D-Otis) represents House District 10, which includes Yachats, north to Tillamook along the coast, and inland as far as Sheridan and Falls City to the east.

Gomberg: Getting Our District Back to Work

If I have learned anything in my time in the Legislature, it is that good people don't always agree. The Coast is known for our hospitality. We need to remember to show that hospitality to each other.

Addressing systemic racism in Oregon

We are fortunate to live in a special part of America that values racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity. But anyone paying attention this week knows that problems persist. Systemic, institutional, and interpersonal racism remains in our country and in our state that must be addressed.

Gomberg: Special Session Recap

Much has and will be written about this emergency session called by the Governor. Special sessions are infrequent and unusual in the first place. Usually they are called after broad agreement is reached on the issues to be considered. 

Gomberg: The Future of our Coastline

Days in the Capitol are punctuated by passionate debates on large issues, and persistent work on local problems. Last week we scored a quiet victory.

Gomberg: ‘Unemployment inboxes were overwhelmed’

For weeks I have been talking to the Governor's office and agencies about our situation here in HD 10. The central and north coast currently suffer the highest unemployment rates in the state.

Gomberg: It’s past time to make waves about the looming tsunami

I have spent much of the past year arguing that that Oregon needs, at long last, to get serious about emergency, earthquake, and tsunami planning.

Gomberg: Local projects and local schedule

In this report, I want to talk about local projects funded with lottery bonds for economic development.

Rep. Gomberg responds to state’s rent control proposal

Oregon House Rep. David Gomberg speaks on Senate Bill 608 in a follow-up letter to Homepage:

Gomberg: Big issues on the move

Several big issues are beginning to move, and move quickly in Salem. We need to be looking at how these proposed policies affect the future of Oregon and the problems those bills are designed to address. But we also need to balance those concerns with the consequences that may impact every day ordinary people and their day-to-day lives.

Gomberg: Legislative wrap-up and town halls

The 2019 Legislative Session ended early Sunday evening, just a few hours before the constitutional deadline.