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Gomez files for County Commissioner race

Marine Corps veteran and local business owner Don Gomez announced his campaign for Lincoln County Commissioner, Position 2 on Friday, February 6.

Gomez, a Newport resident, is the founder of a locally based independent press called Sterncastle Publishing.

In his press release he states, “He styles his bid for office ‘The 4H Campaign,’ shorthand for housing, healthcare, highways, and habitat, a nod to his stated priorities of increasing affordable housing stock, ensuring quality healthcare access, expanding and maintaining local infrastructure including roads, and protecting and conserving our environment.”

Prior experience, according to the release is, “a stint as the Communications Director for National Veterans Group, a legislative advocacy nonprofit and as the Digital Media Manager for the Veterans Writing Group, a separate nonprofit, which helps military families heal through the writing process.”

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Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. Make certain to check out the Gomez saga in Oceanside CA from 2018. In that campaign Don ran the missus for the SD County Board of Supervisors and proceeded to stiff his campaign workers.

    • Hi Noel, thank you for the comment. I’ve read multiple stories about what you have claimed. So far it looks like Mrs. Gomez is the one being blamed, not Don, so we want to be cautious about posting accusations. Also, I can’t find where Mrs. Gomez has been found guilty of anything. I noted her defamation claims against her accusers. If anything else pops up with a direct tie to Mr. Gomez we would be interested in publishing it. Thank you again.

      • Mr. Gomez ran the campaign, and inarguably is responsible for the outcomes and the aftermath. A cursory look at the campaign expenditure reports from 2018 or the Mrs’ run in Oceanside for the City Council in 2020 clearly indicates that he was paid (well, by campaign standards) in both races.

        There has been a rather long bankruptcy case (filed in 2021) and one of the ex campaign workers has been like a bulldog chasing his $$$. As I have not been updated in that matter of late, I am not going to comment.

        The defamation suits were the subject of an anti-SLAPP suit motion but did succeed in backing off some of the less well-healed claimants predating the filing detailed below.

        Incidentallty, the state labor board did issue administrative findings fining the 2018 Gomez campaign $5000 (also detailed directly below) for the wage/hour complaints. Due to that finding of fact, a case could be made for the efficacy of the ex employees and their case.


        The defendant’s brought an anti-SLAPP motion prevailed in court and the Gomez defamation case was tossed out as the court found it was a Strategic Lawsuit against public participation.

        The matters noted are all public record. I wish you well in your efforts to inform readers about the records of those running for office in your service area.

  2. I’ll tell you what!! It looks like this shady duo ran away from their self-created troubles in California, came to Oregon, and are now going for scam 2.0! I read all of the above, saw court documents, and found the discussions of Facebook. I have not seen anyone come to their defense. And it seems like a lot of the stunts they pulled in her campaign are being used in his. They are taking advantage of organizations who are not properly vetting them, getting their endorsements for Don who has very, very little experience. Calls himself a finance guy but ran his wife’s campaign money (from donors) right into his own pockets and did not pay for goods and services. I believe it all. It looks to me like Don Gomez and wife, Michelle, also did not tell a soul they ran to Oregon. Maybe what they did isn’t illegal (but it might be) but it is definitely unethical.

    Mr. Williams, maybe you could investigate this guy/couple. Find out what we don’t know, and see it there are any ethical violations in this current campaign so far.


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