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Taft High 7-12 reacts to ninth-grader’s death

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Saying a memorial for students and staff to pay tribute to freshman Bear Reyes is being planned for next week, Taft High 7-12 reacted Wednesday to Tuesday’s death of the student-athlete.

Details of the death have not been disclosed.

Principal Nick Lupo issued the following statement Wednesday:


We had sad news at our school today. We learned of the death of one of our students, Bear Reyes, a 9th grader at Taft 7-12.

We helped support our students by setting up a Care Room staffed by counselors and specially trained members of our Crisis Response Team. Classroom teachers spent time allowing students to share their reactions to Bear‘s death. Those students needing extra time to talk were encouraged to go to the Care Room. Our school is planning a Memory Activity for students and staff to collectively pay tribute to Bear Reyes, next week.

When events like this happen, it is not unusual for students to react with shock, sadness, fear, anger, or other strong feelings. These reactions may rise and fall today and for several days to come. Here are some strategies to consider with your children: Be sensitive about whether they want or need to talk. Bring it up if they seem reluctant to do so. Ask about their reactions and accept the answers without judgment. Answer all questions directly and honestly, even if the answer is, “I do not know.” Sometimes a child needs to ask the same question repeatedly, be patient. They may also focus on the upsetting details of the death. Do not compare death with sleep or any other state of consciousness. Some children can become sleep deprived, fearing they will die if they sleep. Provide comfort with extra hugs and support.

We appreciate the support to our staff and students provided by the school district and all of our community partners. Times like this remind us of how important it is to come together and value, support and care for each other.


Nick Lupo

Principal of Taft 7-12

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  1. Something people need to know is that the bully’s woun’t stop there shit now we lost a student, He was a really good friend of mine and now he is gone. He hung himself and school will not tell people that and I think that they should people need to know what bully’s can do to people and need to know that it is important to stand up against them. Now if you see this comment please help by standing up to the bully’s regardless if your getting bullied or not. I have lost a good friend and I am not ready to lose another one. If the school ready this they need to know that there fucking up the bully problem and they need to realize that there not fixing it.

  2. Hey, for all of the concerned community members that think the teachers aren’t doing enough, you know what you could do?

    Volunteer in the classrooms. Volunteer to be coaches. Volunteer to be mentor. Be a bigger part of the community than just the armchair warriors you are. Crazy idea, right?!

  3. My little brother was bullied in school so bad in Lincoln city he would hide in the bushes . The school did nothing . He is autistic and lost all hope because of bullying . I’m sadly not surprised . My brother was too gentle of a soul to go to Taft

  4. Bear was bullied for two years from this school and the staff did absolutely nothing! Mental Illness? Is that your go to reason Richard? Really?! He was 1/2 Spanish and was bullied for that. He was an American Citizen !!!! He was born in the US. When are you going to wake up and understand the United States was NEVER white. All you white power PDMF think you have all the answers and white is the only acceptable color. The adults teach their kids this. The kids react because Red Necked mommy and daddy are so whacked out with their drug addiction they don’t know or want to know the damage they cause. Obviously your “programs” don’t work because he didn’t fell comfortable going to them.
    I hope you are happy Lincoln City. Because of you, this world lost a beautiful soul.

  5. Way to go Richard by making this terrible news about your own self-righteousness!

    As the Voice of the Tigers I’m devastated by this loss and know that for a few Tigers it’s been a particularly rough experience the past few years due to other traumatic events. Life is hard enough as it is and for anyone that needs a friend at Taft 7-12 right now or in the future just come up and say Hello in the Press Box. Unfortunately I had to learn handle the loss of friends and classmates when I was in school as well and “No,” it doesn’t get any easier as you get older but it is a stark reminder to cherish the moments we have with each other.

  6. Having attended Taft, I know that they offer counseling and therapy twice a week, regularly. They do care, but it is understandably difficult to constantly check on every student. They are advertising these services currently to reinforce the fact that every student has somewhere to go, and to teach healthy grieving. Taft is doing all they possibly can to help. Thoughts and prayers out to the family and friends of him. ❤️

  7. Where were these out reach programs before? This school is more concerned if a kid has a nicotine product rather than if a child is struggling with mental health issues. This school just wants to show the media that they care when in reality all they care about is their paycheck.


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