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I Choose Builders

i choose builders…and let me tell you why. Builders are hands-on visionaries. They create a vision in their mind, in three dimension, design inner and outer spaces, and meld the pieces together to create a functional building. They meet deadlines and budgets, manage money, juggle subcontractors, coordinate all governmental regulations, risk their financial security, and they must finish on time and on budget to avoid interest penalties or financial loss. Builders work rain or shine; they do physical labor, and know what it takes to make things really work. Builders labor as many hours as it takes to get the job done. Builders are some of the most independent, talented, creative, and intelligent people on our planet.

Government employees work eight hour shifts within very strict limitations, rules, and protocol. They are masters at manipulating words, rules, policies, and regulations. Many live in cubicles for most of their working lives. Government employees are not risk takers and rarely risk their own money. They are guided by routine and rule-making. They think about restrictions and are great at constructing laws and policies with little understanding of the effect of those rules on the real world.

We need builders on our city council. They bring hands-on experience to the job. They understand the stressors of independent business. They know how to build affordable housing and they know what government needs to do to help.

I vote for Doug Wheldon, Jim Davis, and James Scrutton. They will get the real job done.

Avette L. Gaiser

Lincoln City

LCH Reader
LCH Reader
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