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Realtors deliver Easter goodies to locals

Eager egg hunters scramble for goodies

Saturday, March 30th, was a busy day for young Easter basket fillers.  Throughout the city several groups sponsored Easter egg hunts for our kids.

One group, Taylor & Taylor Realty Co., held their inaugural Easter egg hunt at a lot adjacent to their office located at 3891 NW Highway 101.

debbie Williams
Debbie Williams, Taylor & Taylor Realty Co.

“We were overwhelmed by the response,” said Debbie Williams, Principle Co-Supervising Broker. “There were way more kids than we expected but luckily we had more than enough treats for everyone.”

As kids anxiously gathered at the starting point like engine revving NASCAR drivers, parents and organizers watched the event with approving smiles.

Kids getting their baskets filled

When the “go” signal came the youngsters, armed with buckets and baskets, dashed about the wooded lot in search of the most coveted of prizes-a plastic egg filled with chocolates.

But, during the dash there was no time to look inside the eggs. Like legislators voting on a bill, the goal was clear-grab as many eggs as possible and inspect the contents later.

Nearly every knee showed a bit of dirt from pouncing on not so well hidden prizes. And several near miss collisions kept things interesting for onlookers.

Extra goodies found inside

According to Williams, “We plan to make this an annual event along with our Halloween trick or treat party. It’s was a pleasure for all of us to do something fun for Lincoln City kids and families.”

Don Williams
Don Williamshttps://lincolncityhomepage.com
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


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