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Russ Baldwin

Baldwin to run for Lincoln County Judge

Lincoln City lawyer Russ Baldwin filed to run for Lincoln County Circuit Court judge Wednesday, opposing the incumbent, Sheryl Bachart.

Vote Russell Baldwin for Judge – Vikki Bartels

I am endorsing Russ Baldwin, attorney for Lincoln County Judge this May 15th!  In the 35  years that I have known Russ Baldwin personally, he has always been polite and respectful towards me.

Letter to the Editor ~ From Marc Courtenay

Having read many articles, editorials and having listened to radio interviews of both Judge Branford and Attorney Russ Baldwin, I feel it's my civic responsibility to candidly express my support of Russ Baldwin for the position of Judge in Lincoln County.

This is why I support Russ Baldwin for Lincoln County, Circuit Judge

Russ Baldwin, attorney, who is running for Circuit Judge, Pos. 3, has a passion for fairness and for justice under the law for all of us regular people.

Lincoln City resident Russ Baldwin running for Judge

CIRCUIT JUDGE RACE:  Lincoln County, OR Russell L. Baldwin is running for circuit court judge in the May 15, 2018 primary election.  The primary race...

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