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Trip to the Store – By Cameron Werner

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NWS issues high surf advisory for Oregon Coast

National Weather Service Portland issued a "high surf advisory" early Saturday morning for the northern and central Oregon Coast calling for destructive surf and sneaker waves Sunday into Monday.

New Lincoln County Emergency Public Information Call Center

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Public Health Department are releasing their new short video and information guide on the Lincoln County Emergency Public Information Call Center.

Combat Veteran and Taft sports star join forces to form detailing duo

Twenty-two-year-old Lincoln City local Joe Salsbery didn't know much about detailing cars and trucks when he started his own detailing business, Pit Crew Inc., back in November 2017.

Sunshine brings multitudes to Lincoln City beaches

A plethora of people packed Lincoln City beaches Wednesday, with many perusing the Pacific's placid perfection under sunny skies.

Lincoln City man faces drug, child neglect charges after months-long investigation

A search warrant executed by the Street Crimes Response Team Thursday, Feb. 6, led to the arrest of two Lincoln City residents on drug and child neglect charges after a months-long investigation.

New art exhibit to grace walls of historical museum

North Lincoln County Historical Museum will host a new art exhibit this spring featuring the watercolor works of late local artist Marcel LaRocque.

Lincoln City K-9 will take a bite out of crime

Lincoln City Police announced their K-9 program fundraising efforts were successful Wednesday, saying a $75,000 goal had been reached and selection of a K-9 and handling officer was underway.

Food carts are coming to Lincoln City

The Lincoln City City Council voted unanimously Monday to approve a pair of ordinances aimed at getting food carts up and running after much...

New Lincoln City park gets closer to a name

Lincoln City Parks and Recreation staff presented results of a naming contest recently held for the new park located at SE 3rd Street & Keel Avenue at Monday's city council meeting.

Lincoln City Council says Price is right about a green beach

Monday's City Council meeting saw Oregon Coast Community College's Marketing Director and Sustainability Committee Chair Dave Price attempting to make Lincoln City "Oregon's Greenest Beach."

New for 2018 is a whole new section of the website dedicated to aspiring kid writers. If you have a child who can write, send us the story by email at [email protected]

This fine piece of writing comes to us from Lincoln City Taft Elementary student, Cameron Werner. Cameron is eleven. He was tasked with writing six paragraphs as a narrative for class. This is a true story. It has not been edited. 

Trip to the Store

I get off the bus and look around for treasure. It’s just what I do.

I walk across the street and find a dollar on the ground. It’s my lucky day!

I take my new found wealth to IGA, the grocery store. Wandering through the aisles I stumble upon the candy section. My gaze falls on a Reese peanut butter bar. I grab the bar and head towards the checkout.

At the checkout I place the bar down and the lady scans it. “That will be $1.19.” She says.

I say, “But all I got is a dollar I found on the ground.” The lady looks at me and I can tell she feels bad. I start looking on the ground for change, somehow thinking I was going to come up with nineteen cents.

As I’m scrounging around, the guy behind me in line taps me on the back. He says “Hey kid, you on the ground is worth nineteen cents worth of entertainment to me!” He hands me a quarter and I give it to the lady. She smiles and says “Man I thought for a second it was gonna come out of my pocket!” they both laugh hard, I smile, wave, and leave feeling like a charity case.

cameron werner
As I walk home a seagull flys right in front of me and stops me dead in my tracks. It looks up at me wanting food. I throw a bit of Reeses at it and it gobbles it up. I’m not giving it any more of my charity candy, so I shoo it away. Where the bird was standing I see something shiny. I look closer and see a quarter.
I run back to the store and hand the lady at the checkout the bird quarter. She looks at me funny and says “What’s this for?”I reply:
“Give it to the next kid that walks in here and tries to buy something and comes up short.”
-Cameron Werner – Age 11
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Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and a journalist reporting news for the fine citizens of Lincoln City, Oregon. He's on a mission to seek out truth and isn't afraid to be the tip of the spear for freedom of the press. When he's not wearing his reporter hat, you can find him enjoying the Oregon Coast with his wife and family, including a 13-year-old who thinks he's 40, a tiny pink unicorn princess and a Lego engineer with an attitude.

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  1. Excellent work! I enjoyed reading it. Good descriptions, good vocabulary, and the conclusion was perfect! Made me smile today.


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