Monday January 25, 2021

Two Coast Guard Choppers Help Two Aboard Sinking Fishing Vessel Off Newport

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coast-guard-helo-300x215Two Coast Guard Search and Rescue helicopters, one from Newport, the other from North Bend, launched last evening just before 9pm on a call for help from the fishing boat Apache. The boat’s two fishermen told the Coast Guard they were 20 miles southwest of Newport and taking on water.

As the the Coast Guard choppers raced to the scene, two Good Samaritan boats motored over and began helping the stricken craft. Those aboard the Kristina and Silver Quest made sure the two men aboard the Apache were going to be safe with or without their craft.

Minutes later a Coast Guard helo was overhead and dropped a water pump and a swimmer to hook it up. It was quickly activated and began pumping water out of the Apache. A crew aboard a 46 foot motorlifeboat arrived soon after and quickly determined the location of the leak – an open discharge valve. They got it closed and quickly got the Apache to start rising in the water.

The motorlifeboat towed the Apache back to Yaquina Bay. Those aboard the Apache suffered no injuries. But they expressed a lot of gratitude for the Coast Guard’s quick and effective response as well as from the Good Samaritans who rushed to their aid.


Justin Werner
Justin Werner
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