Thursday, May 23, 2024

Winter storm 2023

Lincoln City doesn’t usually get a lot of snow but, wow, did we ever get some snow last night. By most local’s estimations there is between 4 and six inches of accumulated snow throughout the area.

Reports and photos began appearing on Lincoln City Homepage community page just after midnight with reports of snow falling around town. By morning’s light it became apparent we had a snowstorm on our hands.
This reporter attempted to drive around to get some photos this morning but the side roads near NE 6th Dr were impassible. High snow accumulations along with downed trees and a car in a gully made it reckless to even try to navigate towards Hwy 101.
Those with 4 wheel drive rigs seemed to be able to get around town with litlle effort,
Lincoln County school district sent out a notice last night notifying all staff and students that all school related activities would be cancelled for at least Thursday the twenty third.

Photo courtesy James Scrutton

Emergency crews are going to be busy as are local cab companies.  Stay home, if able.  If not, be ready to exercise patience.

Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. Awoke at 2:30am to snow coming down. Got up at 6:30am to lots of snow (estimated 7-8 inches). We live off of 19th street at the top of the hill. My husband decided to walk to work as got his truck stuck in the cul-de-sac. Our neighbor was able to help him get it mostly back in the driveway. My hasband has lived here since 1988 and says we’ve had snow, but never this much. Stay safe and enjoy your snow day!

  2. Interested in knowing if this storm was a record breaker? When was the last time LC got this much snow? Any data on major storms in the past. Lived here since 2016 and this is the most ever and it was significant!

  3. Meanwhile residents are driving to Toledo during that storm picking up drugs…then the next day needle caps are where that car was parked:/ THE RIDGE


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