Friday, June 21, 2024

City council to vote on spending $1,276,500.00 per year to advertise tourism

Lincoln City City Council
Council Chambers,

At the upcoming June tenth 2024 city council meeting, Explore Lincoln City (formerly the Visitors and Convention Bureau) will be asking council to approve hiring an outside advertising agency-DVA Advertising and Public Relations.

Each year, their contract would account for $950,000 in paid media, an annual retainer fee
of $191,500 and an events promotions budget of up to $135,000.

The annual retainer would be applied against Explore Lincoln City’s Miscellaneous
Contracted Services.

Paid media and the events promotions would be applied against Explore Lincoln City’s Advertising and Promotions line item in their budget.

Total cost will be $1,276,500.00 per year.

Lincoln City staff are recommending that the council vote “Yes.”

Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. Rediculis! They are also wanting to raise the utilities five percent. we are not all millionares who live here. Let us get realistic!

  2. Tell me why we need such a large budget for tourism? We are so inundated with tourists all year long!

    Take that budget and put it on sidewalks all along 101!!!!!

  3. Our community could use that in so many other productive ways. Yes we are a city that relies on tourism, but we do not need to spend over a million dollars to bring people here. The best advertising is happy LC citizens who will promote our town through word of mouth and FREE social media.


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