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Lincoln City Police Log July 12-18

Lincoln City Police Crime Log

The Lincoln City Police Dispatch Daily Desk Log is a public record of police calls. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Friday, July 12

Disturbance – 11:28 a.m. – Goodwill, 1000 SE Highway 101 – Reports of a juvenile male in store threatening to kill people and cops. Had a baseball bat in shopping cart. Transported to juvenile detention.

Extra Patrol Request – Regatta Park – Reports of teenagers causing a ruckus in the early hours of the morning. Ongoing issue.

Patrol Info – Report that Randal E. Faber is driving while suspended in a white minivan with plates that don’t belong on vehicle.

DUII – 11:41 p.m. – SE Hill Rd. & SE East Devils Lake Rd. – Austyn Mitchell Lee Clark (1/22/94) taken into custody for DUII after tests were performed. Cited and released from LCPD.

Saturday, July 13

DUII – 12:54 a.m. – Female passenger in previous DUII drove vehicle to LCPD. Ashley Ann Sullivan (7/20/97) taken into custody for DUII after tests were performed. Cited and released.

Trespass – 2:12 a.m. – 3043 NE 28th St. – Hospital staff reported a wallet left behind after owner involved in a disturbance in the emergency room. William Peter Bagley (4/20/63)  returned to ER and was taken into custody for trespass.

Found Property – 9:50 a.m. – NW 50th St. beach access – Wallet found near the beach was brought in to LCPD.

Intoxicated – 6:17 p.m. – Dairy Queen, 2224 NE Highway 101 – Report of an intoxicated male yelling and threatening people. Gabriel P. Deanda (3/29/79) located at Kirtsis Field, taken into custody for disorderly conduct and transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Disturbance – 7:11 p.m. – SW 50th St. & SW Dune  – Caller reports a male jumped out of a vehicle and started running towards a woman who pulled out a handgun in fear of being assaulted. The suspect Erin J Case (5/1/78), left. Handgun checked and returned to the woman.

Disturbance – 7:42 p.m. – 2824 NE Holmes Rd. – Report of a female banging on door, possibly intoxicated. Suspect has left prior to officer arrival. Erin J Case (5/1/78) wanted for probable cause for domestic assault and menacing. OSP advised.

Drugs – 8:48 p.m. – Agnes Creek Trail – Caleb A Schoegje (7/19/92) taken into custody, cited and released for possession of meth.

Suspicious Activity – 11:27 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Caller reports he was “kidnapped,” threatened and not allowed to leave his vehicle.

Sunday, July 14 

Trespass – 5:58 a.m. – Lincoln City Plaza, 4079 NW Logan Rd. – Plaza reports a truck has been overnight camping in parking lot despite warnings. Michele L. King (6/2/76) trespassed from Lincoln City Plaza.

Found Property – 2:32 p.m. – 5400 Block S Highway 101 – NLFR staff brought in a wallet turned in to them. Wallet was found at Siletz Bay turnout. Property taken for safekeeping.

Theft – 5:29 p.m. – Subway, 2185 NW Highway 101 – Wallet stolen from North Subway restaurant containing $400 and a debit card was used at the Nike Store for $396.

Monday, July 15

Theft – 7:40 a.m. – 2855 NE Inlet Ave. – Caller reports his compressor was stolen from a job site last night. He says he found his compressor sitting in the back of a vehicle with the back window broken out. Contact was made with involved parties. Matthew S. Mason (9/9/89) was taken into custody for warrants out of Oregon State Parole Board and Washington County, burglary, theft, criminal mischief and conspiracy. Keneth M. Collins (10/17/94) taken into custody for burglary, theft, criminal mischief and conspiracy. Brandy R. Cobbs (11/17/94) taken into custody for recieving stolen goods and conspiracy. All three were transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Crash – 8:06 a.m. – 4500 N Highway 101 – Two vehicle non-injury, non-blocking crash.

Found Property – 11:30 a.m. – 95 SW Highway 101 – US passport found at D River Wayside. Report taken.

Found Property – 2:59 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Wallet and contents found on the beach turned into casino security. Victim was excluded from casino last night and his blue Volkswagen Golf is still parked nearby.

Disturbance – 5:32 p.m. – 3910 NE Highway 101 – Multiple 911 calls of a disturbance at Pig N Pancake. Sebrina Dams (2/25/92) cited and released for harassment and disorderly conduct.

Theft – 5:43 p.m. – 1126 SE Galley Ct. – David Williamson (5/6/89) seen stealing a girl’s scooter according to a witness. Report taken. Probable cause for theft.

Found Property – 6:58 p.m. – 5901 NW Logan Rd. – Wallet found at Roads End.

Tuesday, July 16

Disturbance – 12:03 a.m. – D River Wayside – Several calls of a fight with possibly three subjects attacking another subject. Officer was attacked on arrival. Juvenile subject taken into custody and two subjects taken to SNLH for medical. Juvenile transported to detention.

Burglary – 7:56 a.m. – 2249 NE Holmes Rd. – House entered overnight and items taken.

Extra Patrol Request – 9:31 a.m. – 3109 NE 26th St. – Reports of cars being vandalized and egged.

Stolen Vehicle – 9:32 a.m. – Snug Harbor Bar & Grill, 5001 SW Highway 101 – Jeep Patriot stolen and crashed into Drift Creek.

Assault – 9:53 a.m. – 1400 SE 19th St. – One resident struck another. Report taken.

Found Property – 12:22 p.m. – 4270 N Highway 101 – Two black phones found and turned into LCPD.

Theft – 2:28 p.m. – Red Cock, 1221 NW Highway 101, Suite A – Male and female came into business and stole multiple items.

Wednesday, July 17

DUII – 1:01 a.m. – Sea Horse Motel, 1301 NW 21st St. – Laura Marie Modrall (6/22/90) arrested for DUII and disorderly conduct after caller reported an intoxicate female hit her.

Theft – 2:03 a.m.Chinook Winds Casino – Call from casino advising Glenn L. Thompson (5/22/89) with probable cause warrant is at location. Thompson located, cited and released for conspiracy to commit theft.

Crash – 3:58 p.m. – SW 50th St. & SW Highway 101 – Came across vehicle debris in roadway. Located vehicle behind Shuckers after it had run over the center divider, damaging it.

Extra Patrol Request – SW Dune Ave. & SW Coral – Caller reporting a lot of speeders in the area since they made Dune/Coral a through street. Caller said they are waiting on a 25 mph sign, but would like an extra patrol for a day until that happens.

Fraud – 12:16 p.m. – 4990 NE Logan Rd. – Fraud reported on a corporate account after employees stayed at Liberty Inn.

Fraud – 3:09 p.m. – 2020 NE Tide Ct. – Caller reports possible identity theft after receiving packages purchased with a credit card in her name.

DUII – 6:48 p.m. – D River Wayside – Stephen Merle Ivie (9/29/56) arrested, cited and released for DUII.

Eluding – 10:45 p.m. – Glenn L. Thompson (5/22/89) took LCPD, LCSO and OSP on a 100 mph chase from Rose Lodge to TLC Fibre Federal Credit Union.

Thursday, July 18

Crash – 3:44 a.m. – Highway 101 Milepost 112 – Two vehicle roll-over crash with elk involved. Car Care responded and ODOT notified for elk removal.

Theft – 10:31 a.m. – Pelican Shores, 2645 NW Inlet Ave. – Theft of a watch and chain from hotel room.

Fraud – 12:30 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Counterfeit $5.

Warrant Arrest – 3:36 p.m. – 1110 NW 1st Ct. – Natasha Willey (12/21/92) arrested on a warrant out of Lincoln County. Willey was cited and released.



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