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Senator Anderson Appointed to Governor’s Housing Council

SALEM, Ore. –Senator Dick Anderson (R-Lincoln City) has been appointed to the 
Housing Production Advisory Council (HPAC) which will be tasked with formulating an 
action plan to meet the Governor’s 36,000-unit annual housing production target.

Senator Anderson released the following statement:

“It is an honor to be selected to serve on this Council and help promote solutions
for the housing crisis. We are in desperate need to find fast and innovative ways
to increase the supply of housing in all corners of Oregon.

As Vice-Chair of the Senate Housing Committee, and representing large portions of Oregon’s Coast, I know firsthand the crisis in front of us.

The Governor has ambitious plans to double our housing unit production per year, and I will be an outspoken proponent of cutting red tape, streamlining the process, and getting decisions down to the local level as fast as possible.”

Senator Anderson has 35 years of experience in the housing and mortgage industry and
currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Senate Housing and Development Committee.

Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. I wish I hadn’t voted for Dick Anderson,but I was swayed into trusting him.A few months ago I emailed his office asking how he felt about the new “gun law” that has been delayed from being enforced.He never answered me.Apparently he’s another “typical” politician,after getting elected,he could care less about the people that voted him into office.Myself,I won’t make the same mistake twice.


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