Thursday, June 13, 2024


Otis Cafe

Otis Cafe owners warn others after fire blamed on combustible kitchen waste

An investigation of the Fourth of July fire that gutted the nationally renowned Otis Cafe has determined the cause to be spontaneous combustion of kitchen waste.

Insurance companies determine cause of July 4 Otis Cafe fire

Two insurance companies have determined that a grill ignited a roll of paper towels and started the Fourth of July fire that gutted the Otis Cafe, sources said Wednesday.

Historic Otis Cafe to rise from ashes following Fourth of July fire

A baker's utensil survived, but little else remained Friday following a Fourth of July fire that gutted the iconic Otis Cafe.

Fire strikes historic Otis Cafe on Independence Day

North Lincoln Fire Rescue units swarmed the Otis Cafe shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday to combat a fully involved fire at the iconic restaurant.

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