Saturday, September 18, 2021


Richard Appicello


City attorney divulges few details of confidential projects

At last Monday’s Lincoln City City Council meeting, the sole topic was City Attorney Richard Appicello’s project list, which Appicello claimed is confidential.

City Attorney Appicello gunning for Mayor Williams again

A bombshell memo sent last week by Lincoln City Attorney Richard Appicello raises serious ethical questions.

Concerns about City Attorney | Jerry Warner

I put in a public records request asking whether he was given written or verbal permission to have a handgun in city hall.

Complaint Raised Against Lincoln City Attorney Appicello

Lincoln City City Attorney Richard Appicello was the subject of a complaint raised by a subordinate in April 2017.

Is There a Weinstein Roaming City Hall?

A senior Lincoln City official allegedly harassed a subordinate recently, according to sources with ties to City Hall who spoke on condition of anonymity....

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