A senior Lincoln City official allegedly harassed a subordinate recently, according to sources with ties to City Hall who spoke on condition of anonymity. The official allegedly received no discipline or reprimand. Instead, the alleged victim, who was highly regarded, and had been with the City for years, was recently terminated. Our sources requested anonymity to avoid reprisal by the alleged perpetrator and others.

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Widespread sexual harassment is now being exposed in all levels of government, including it being “the norm” in Salem, “pervasive” in Sacramento. and “among the worst” in the US House and Senate.

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If you have any information, please email [email protected], or call/text/WhatsApp/Signal 541-992-0321. WhatsApp and Signal are secure messaging apps for Android and iOS that use end-to-end encryption. If you work at City Hall, please do not use your work phone or email account. We protect our sources and will not publish your name, or any identifying information, without your explicit approval. Thanks for your help!

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