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Why Lincoln City went dark

Around 8p.m. Monday January 29 electrical service to the entirety of a large portion of the coast surrounding Lincoln City ceased. Every residence and business without emergency backup devices sat quiet and dark for approximately four minutes.

According to a source at Pacific Power there was a “Loss of a transmission line.”  When pressed where the transmission line was the source was only able to say that the available report stated that the problem was centered at “Device 1, sub Station Devils Lake and that approximately 4633 customers were affected for just about four minutes.”

At this time Lincoln City Homepage is waiting for more details from Pacific Power’s media liaison.

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Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. These outages are a regular inconvenience… maybe they should consider repairing or replacing some equipment before it glitches ?

  2. Out of the Blue we are in the dark. You would think that some sort of maintenance would spot a problem like this. Is this system reliable ? Terrible inconvenience.


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