Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mary Jo Kerlin

Code Orange called at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital

On April 15, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital was notified that there may be radioactive material at the demolition site of the old hospital, prompting a Code Orange to be called at the new hospital and some other buildings on campus.

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital celebrates first baby of the new year

The first baby of the new year born at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital waited a day to meet his fisherman father, who was at sea for the start of the commercial crab season — but the new mother had plenty of family support to help her through.

Twin moms deliver babies 23 hours apart

Twins often have a special connection that binds them closer than most siblings, and for twin sisters Tammy and Tracy King, this connection became even tighter when they had their babies within 23 hours of each other at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital’s Family Birthing Center.

Request for PPE donations met by countless good Samaritans

“The response has been remarkable,” said Taylor Gilmour, assistant vice president of Samaritan Foundations. “It is clear that we are surrounded by a caring community who wants to ensure the health and safety of health care professionals and patients and for that we are thankful.

Samaritan revises visitor restrictions for all facilities

Samaritan Health Services has modified the temporary visitor restrictions in place due to coronavirus for all hospitals and facilities.

Hospital staff traveled to Uganda for annual medical mission

This year’s two-week trip, held earlier this year, included two days at Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Uganda. More than 70,000 people live at the settlement, displaced by a brutal civil war in the neighboring country of Congo.

Hospital CEO pledges $125,000 gift for new hospitals

Lincoln City - The campaigns supporting the new Samaritan hospitals being built in Lincoln County have received a tremendous boost with the announcement of...

Samaritan Health Services announces increased coronavirus testing

Samaritan Health Services has obtained sufficient quantities of testing supplies and personal protective equipment to expand COVID-19 testing in Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties, and is now providing testing for all patients with symptoms of coronavirus, with a clinician’s order.

Van Hess retires after 42-year nursing career at SNLH

Forty-two years later, Kathy Van Hess, RN, is ready to leave her life’s work to focus on family, her large circle of friends and herself.

Animation – New Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital

Architects have created a video animation of the interior and exterior of the replacement Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.