Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Praise for Taft sports coverage – Richard King

What a great job you have done in covering Taft High sports. It is really nice looking forward to your articles right after it happens. The article on the Tigers baseball team was the best written I have ever read.

Please VOTE for a positive change in our judiciary!

Russ Baldwin is running for circuit judge, answering a call to serve.

Lincoln City Budget – Jerry Warner

Here are some of the salary’s listed in the 2018-19 budget, and I am sure as citizens you are going to find the numbers hard to believe.

In Recognition of National Nurses Day and National Hospital Week

Each May, health care organizations across the nation recognize and celebrate the collective efforts of nurses and other health care professionals by recognizing both National Nurses Day and National Hospital Week, May 6-12.

We have known Tom Branford for over forty years

We have known Tom Branford for over forty years. He is honest, hard working, and down to earth. He is also a dedicated family man.

Vote Russell Baldwin for Judge – Vikki Bartels

I am endorsing Russ Baldwin, attorney for Lincoln County Judge this May 15th! In the 35 years that I have known Russ Baldwin personally, he has always been polite and respectful towards me.

Letter to the Editor ~ From Marc Courtenay

Having read many articles, editorials and having listened to radio interviews of both Judge Branford and Attorney Russ Baldwin, I feel it's my civic responsibility to candidly express my support of Russ Baldwin for the position of Judge in Lincoln County.

Driving under the iPhone

I have been driving Highway 101 for almost 40 years and have recently observed a lot of drivers using their cell phones while driving, with no concern for others.

This is why I support Russ Baldwin for Lincoln County, Circuit Judge

Russ Baldwin, attorney, who is running for Circuit Judge, Pos. 3, has a passion for fairness and for justice under the law for all of us regular people.

OCTOPUS, Lincoln City Logo – Jerry Warner

The city has done everything it can to suck the life out of the free enterprise system and economic development in Lincoln City.

Lincoln City Budget Committee by Jerry Warner

To serve on the Lincoln City Budget Committee you have to sign a form allowing the City to do an extensive background investigation to see if you have violated any laws before you can vote on budget items (say ‘yes’ or ‘no’).

Letter to City Council By Janell Templeton

We, the citizens, watch all the shenanigans at city hall involving city staff and council, and are dumbfounded at the hatred and misuse of public funds done solely for political and personal attacks.

Concerns about City Attorney | Jerry Warner

I put in a public records request asking whether he was given written or verbal permission to have a handgun in city hall.

Justin Speers Planned Speech to Lincoln City Council

I know several councilors have publicly assured the community that they support the Warming Shelter and are only questioning the Mayor's integrity. So it's been disappointing to see attacks shift from the Mayor to the Shelter itself.

Council’s fourth attempt to unseat Mayor fails

When Don Williams ran for Mayor of Lincoln City in 2014, we supported his plan to sell the Villages at Cascade Head, create better jobs through an Economic...

To the People of Lincoln City

To the people of Lincoln City For the last week you have probably heard a barrage of accusations and opinions against me as mayor and...

Tapping TRT to finance a multi-million dollar cop-shop

Is it really a necessary need for the citizens to have a new police facility? I personally am not convinced. Transient Room tax (TRT) was originally...

Nelscott sewer pump station spills millions of gallons of raw sewage onto beach

It is now deemed an ordinary occurrence when rain causes raw sewage to spill onto public beaches. Public works stated the last time a...

I Choose Builders

…and let me tell you why. Builders are hands-on visionaries.

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