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Letter to City Council By Janell Templeton

Council members,

We, the citizens, watch all the shenanigans at city hall involving city staff and council, and are dumbfounded at the hatred and misuse of public funds done solely for political and personal attacks. Citizens are afraid to speak out, fearing the consequences they’ll face from city staff and council.

Councilor Dick Anderson

Councilor Dick Anderson was installed back on council to replace our current mayor. Ironically, Anderson then kept Kent Seida from volunteering for any city committees. If you remember, Anderson quit as mayor to run for another position, and lost after spending over $800,000 campaigning

This council and city attorney has persecuted our mayor and it’s deeply affected his life, family, business, etc. For what? All because the city attorney has some twisted hatred of our mayor? In doing so, this council allowed the city attorney to misuse over $100,000 of OUR taxpayer money, for his own sick attempts to assassinate the reputation of a good and honest man. The city attorney is clearly running city hall. He’s wasted public funds, been accused of sexual harassment, orders city staff to do his dirty work when he has no authority to do so, turns civil actions into criminal actions, etc. He’s driven more by power, vengeance and paranoia, than by any desire to serve our community.

Lincoln City Manager Ron Chandler

The city manager has been rude to many citizens. He’s very ineffective and is derelict in managing our city. Why is council not addressing these employee issues? Are they afraid the city attorney will sue the city? Or is council hesitant to admit they made a horrible error in their choice of employees?

And don’t think the public hasn’t noticed the real reason Council denied the Warming Shelter’s zoning change request. The denial was recommended by the city attorney, who shouldn’t have had any say in the matter, given his bitter hatred of our mayor.

Public Works Director Lila Bradley

Yet council had no problem gifting property and zoning changes to Public Works Director Lila Bradley for her building, even though it was required to be demolished, or brought up to code, and will never meet parking requirements. Council also gave a backroom deal to Councilor Kip Ward’s Eventuary to skirt parking and ADA requirements.

The council is supposed to represent our citizens but sadly they represent hatred and favoritism. The unfortunate passing of Kip Ward should remind us all that every day we wake is a blessing, and that all the hate and discontent shown by this council is ruining everyone’s lives.

For the betterment of our city, the city attorney needs to be terminated and yet council does nothing. Chris Thomas, our former city attorney, was too professional and decent to even contemplate the dirty underhanded actions engaged in by the current city attorney.

It’s far past time for council to show some integrity, honesty and transparency. This council has repeatedly failed to protect and serve the citizens of Lincoln City. Please make sure to register now and vote this November. It’s time we take our city back, and elect leaders who will serve our community, and not their own petty personal agendas.

Janell Templeton

Lincoln City Code Enforcement Officer, 1999-2014 (ret’d)

LCH Reader
LCH Reader
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