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Denizens of the beach pack Taft’s Siletz Bay

Taft Bay Lincoln City

Taft’s Siletz Bay was the destination for many beachgoers in Lincoln City Friday as the needle flirted with 80 degrees and the sun shone amid a mostly cloudless sky.

The parking lot in front of Mo’s was full, with vehicles circling the parked cars in the hopes of finding a space. Some would cheer upon finding one, vindicated after subjecting themselves to multiple laps.

F-15 Eagle’s flying overhead earlier seemed to set the stage for as one couple put it: “the perfect day.”

Families caught crabs and rode kayaks as kids played in the sand and dogs laid out to sunbathe.

Some sat in chairs and others upon logs, watching a full beach take advantage of “a perfect day” in Taft’s Siletz Bay.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and editor of the Lincoln City Homepage, a trusted source of local news and information for residents and visitors of Lincoln City, Oregon. He is also a community leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability in local government.


  1. We were there. It’s a great day to be free and alive. NO ROOM FOR FEAR. Say Claire, I think you could use some sun. It gives you a hopeful outlook. You could use that too!
    Time to be concerned with the future of Lincoln County citizens.

  2. Stupid uneducated people that don’t know or care about anything but there selfs. Some cannot follow rules.

  3. I live up the street and yes it is beautiful but so are most days on the Oregon Coast whether it’s sunny or rainy this is an amazing place to relax and retire. I visited here four years ago this June and put an offer on a bluffside home three days later then put my Hollywood home surrounded by crazy LosAngeles., on the market . I closed on the Oregon home in September and sold California in November. The best move ever., relaxed people enjoying tranquility. The town needs tourists to survive which I understand but I personally do not miss the crowded streets and restaurants or some of the entitled out of towner attitudes. The stay home order can stay in place until 2021… they can come back then. Us locals enjoy the quiet. So if you decide to visit please be courteous and relaxed…

  4. Hey Rob,
    There won’t be a town to come back to if we don’t get our businesses open very soon. I’m happy you relocated; unemployment is killing our economy and this just happens to be a tourist economy.

  5. Its hard to believe that although the entire WORLD is in this Pandemic, and people are still testing positive, and many dont know they even have Covid 19, to spread around to anyone they come into contact with will be then positive to go home to their families, friends, co workers, etc…And they not know for over 2 weeks. Money isnt going to help you out when your taking your last breath, or finding out your Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncles, Aunts, are in the hospital, and you may never see them again. Life is precious, and the mentality by gathering such as this is absolutely irresponsible! Yes, SHANE ON ALL OF THEM! I want to see my Grandchildren grow up, Its not fair that other people can take your life from you because they simply dont value life.

  6. Need to close the Taft Parking lots around 10:00 AM — 3:00 PM Saturday! All of them, probably for the day! Also close Bi-mart Parking lot too. You’ll see why!

  7. It just amazes me, how selfish some people can be. I feel sorry for all of you, going to the beach when your suppose to be staying at home. Coming from someone who feels the pain of nearly losing my teenage niece to the COVID-19 virus. Your actions are selfish. Stay home stay safe/or stay home don’t kill someone else. I can only say I hope no one blatantly breaks the law and hurts someone you love. My niece was one of the first in Oregon to get the virus. She caught it while still in high school. PLEASE BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING/stay home and save a life, it could be someone you love. And I might add… you broke the law being on the beach today.

  8. Where is law enforcement. This is a pandemic that affects us all. Put them all together somewhere…but not where their selfish unkind ignorance has potential to kill.

  9. Everyone who went to the beach made the choice to take the risk. Everyone who doesn’t want to take the risk stays at home. I see nothing but perfectly viable choices being made all around. What’s the problem?

  10. This goes far beyond constitutional rights … This is a matter of people dying !!!!!!! How completely inconsiderate and self serving you have to be to disregard the rules that have been put in place to try and save lives and kill this virus now so that we do not have to redo everything again and again. We are all struggling ! We are all scared about the economy ! Why do you think thousands are staying home ??? Just for kicks ??? Shame on all of you that think about your own selves !!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!

  11. It’s too soon. We coastal residents have be cautious and keeping our cases down for six + weeks and now. I hope and pray it wasn’t all for naught.

  12. Beautiful DAY for Families to be able to get out in the sun where there is no virus. Worse off staying in closed homes. Happy to see Americans who love this country out having fun. You know what party wants you to stay home….they are the ones who lie about people who are near death or dying. We are all onto their shenanigans. Enjoy the summer and hopefully the businesses will start again. America will not be destroyed.

  13. Let me get this straight, people are swarming the coast but local businesses who Depend on them to survive remain closed by order and incompetence of our county commissioners.

  14. To all you Shelter babies, Heres some science for you, 66percent get covid while sheltering.
    Remember in March when Kate shut down beach access claiming covid would be spread by beach goers during spring break.

  15. I saw Law Enforcement drive right through all the people on the beach in their side by side, late in the afternoon. He didn’t stop and talk to anyone, but stopped just short of the Taft bridge over Schooner Creek, checked his phone and went back the way he came. I am sure he deemed everyone ‘fine’.

    I watched people most of the day, they were mostly actively social distancing, unless they were families (that likely all came in the same car anyway). People were enjoying the day- probably much needed, at this point.

    I am sure I saw mom’s out there immediately with hand sanitizer the MINUTE their kids came out of the ocean. We’re good. Besides, Harbor seals have shown absolutely no signs of infection.

  16. In the top picture with the two guy’s walking I noticed that the Taft Seals on the spit practice social distancing better than their human counterparts.

  17. Vanilla Isis Alert! Vanilla Isis Alert! Sat at 11:00. Shut down Taft Turnaround and Parking! Vanilla Isis Alert!

  18. Looks like everyone is social distancing. These beaches belong to the tax payers of the state of Oregon. During this stressful time we need to renew and recharge mentally. I think when this is over, we will find, Depression and Suicide was/IS more dangerous than C-19.

  19. The Seaside area beaches were smart enough to close their beaches. All these idiots (many of whom are not denizens, but second home owners, friends and relatives of rental home owners, or illegally rented vrd’s from California and Washington or Portland, etc.) are the reason why the County should continue the restrictions. The front line housekeepers, maintenance workers, will be handed a death sentence if things re-open too soon. The governor wants to open all the businesses at once next week which will probably result in another closure mid-summer or fall at least. These dullards are undoing the progress already made. Hope the County Commissioners are watching this, since you can’t fix stupid.

  20. Ever been to Bi-Mart in Lincoln City? I guarantee you, that will be ground zero for cases, not the beach! Further it’s the residents of this city who are the worst offenders, particularly the elderly demographic (watching them stand next to each other and talk with no masks, elderly people shaking hands, picking up everything and placing it back on the shelves, openly coughing/sneezing, etc.). My neighbors have taken note of the exact same behaviors! Pack your own parachutes, folks!

  21. I don’t have a problem with locals using the beach, what I’m saying is the weekend warriors make it impossible to distance and ruin it for those who would likely be fine otherwise. I saw loads of rental houses packed with cars with toppers, bike racks, etc. Just because you have a second home doesn’t mean you should load up everyone and jet down to the beach every time the weather gets good because you can, then go back to your infested area. Then come back and repeat, when distancing get too hard for you. Stay home, save lives?

  22. OMG! I thought I was the only one who noticed this! I will add the cashiers, not cleaning their check-out areas! The old people in this town just don’t care about their own health! Safeway is another place where the biggest transgressors are old people (eating fruit from the produce section!!!). In my neighborhood, they are out walking their dogs and stopping to talk to people without social distancing. It’s like they don’t care. Thank you, for posting your observations.

  23. Bryan, I refuse to let my 77-year old mother go out to shop because of exactly what you just wrote about the elderly demographic and I am glad you put it out there. Folks, it may not be PC, but this needs to be discussed. I have seen a few instances from high schoolers and younger people, but, I agree. They are the worst offenders. I believe the retired and elderly population is ~60% and they need to be protected. I think they believe themselves to be above all this. I have been stunned by their behaviors and I have called them out on the coughing and sneezing, because I want others in their vicinity to know they are in danger of micro-droplets when this happens. And I agree with Elana:
    Thank you for writing about this and putting this out there.

  24. It was predicted early on EVERYONE will become infected with COVID-19, in spite of our best efforts to “flatten the curve.” Looking at the photos from California, Florida, Michigan, and now our beloved beaches, it’s easy to understand why. Where I live, I’ve seen out of state plates parked at vacasa homes, campers & RVs along 101, and people ignoring our executive order.

    Police are either scared or have been given orders not to engage in lawbreakers, that’s why 101 has become a speedway were the average speed is now 75, (Lincoln City is around 40 now). Wait for more chaos as more become infected and desperate.

    Only the strong will survive this. From what I see, these are weak, selfish folks who put their joy in front of obeying our laws for the greater good.


  25. At least they parked off of the road, unlike the jerk idiots that use Canyon Park and park half in the road, today some loser had a motorhome parked
    on the side of the road with some orange cones. I called LCPD and made a complaint, I got bad news for anyone I accidently hit parked in the road,
    I’ll drive off.

  26. The mindless selfishness displayed by many of those commenting on this article is breathtaking! Y’all are the absolute idiots who believe Trump, not science. Your complete acceptance of the his conspiracy theories is beyond comprehension by any rational human being.

    You are not “making a choice for yourself”…you are making a choice for everyone you come into contact with, but of course your need for a day in the sun on the beach precludes someone else’s need to live. You are disgusting, ignorant and absolutely unAmerican!!!

  27. Anyone who brings politics into this and blames the president is an idiot, and your opinions are worthless, based on your hatred of whatever it is that causes you to not get your way.
    I agree that non-locals are still getting around the short term lodging ban,
    I hate vrds and live next to Olivia bitc…I mean Beach, and there is still
    a steady stream of unfamiliar people and vehicles parading by. I fully support the continued ban on vrd dwellings, and wonder if the city will ever put a cap on the amount of vrd houses, we have about 193 in the
    neighborhood, if you’re a burglar…it’s a candy store.

  28. Also will concur countless older people who don’t care about distance rules. They just keep shopping and head right for you in the store. It’s like they want to kill me.

  29. Ditto Kev,
    Those dang cone lickers Showin off their fancy cars.
    Them non-locals, them “unfamiliars” paradin around spendin their money. Damn em all to hell.

  30. And John
    Believe me no one wants to kill you, rest assured all in earshot of your whinny tone are doing there best to self distance.


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