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Distracted drivers: Lincoln City Police are coming for you

Distracted Driving Lincoln City

Lincoln City Police plan on utilizing traffic safety grant funds to put extra patrol officers on duty this August, specifically for the enhanced enforcement of distracted driving.

The enforcement efforts will put more officers on patrol who will be on the lookout for drivers talking or texting on phones or using other electronic devices, such as cameras, while operating their vehicle.

The goal for Lincoln City Police is to have motorists fully focused on the task of driving and not letting anything distract them, thereby preventing crashes that can cause injuries and loss of life.

Drivers should put aside their cell phones and other hand-held devices and should not be talking, texting or checking social media while trying to drive. Scan ahead for pedestrians and people on bicycles and other cars in stop-and-go traffic.

Grant funds are a valuable resource that assists police in improving the traffic safety in the community and were made possible through the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Impact.

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