Monday, October 18, 2021

Lincoln City ‘lockdown protesters’ on Highway 101

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Lincoln City Protesters

A group of people lined Highway 101 in Lincoln City Wednesday to display signs with different messages in protest of Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order and other actions which shut down Oregon amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a time when most Lincoln City residents — and people across the globe — are staying at home, this group of protesters is taking to the streets to demand businesses be allowed to open up and for people to go back to work.

Don Williams Protesting
Don Williams Protesting

The protesters gave on camera interviews, including former Lincoln City Mayor Don Williams, who held a sign that read: I’d rather be FREE than safe!

Ten people were involved with the effort and stood in front of Starbucks, Lil’ Sambos, Robben Heating and Coastline Auto Detail. One gentleman, a Veteran, stopped his truck and joined the protesters, who happened to have extra signs ready.


Most of the sign-holders said they were getting encouragement in the form of honking vehicles and thumbs-ups, but said some people were giving them the finger.

Protest in Lincoln City

A group of women held signs and screamed as passing cars and trucks honked. One lady had a sign that read: I woke up this morning and it’s 1984, a reference to English author George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

More Protesting

The protesters said they plan to “keep at it everyday at noon” until they are allowed to go back to “normal life.”

Trump 2020 Lincoln City

Justin Werner
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  1. It cracks me up . . . Trumptards can only muster up 10-20 people? What a joke and proof of the unpopularity of your kind. We can gather 10, 20, 50 thousand in a heartbeat. Millions across the country and tens of millions throughout the world. Bunch of out of shape men and women, looks like they should be afraid to get sick from anything!

  2. Germ theory is in error and will eventually die off. Vaccines do more harm than good. Luke 5:31 “And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.”

  3. I would love to have every governor listen to this news clip, especially the first part from California and then tell the people exactly why they are still being so “prudent”. Hospital admissions have already been going down and it would appear we are on the downhill side of things, compared to April.

    Safety is important but so is freedom. And not losing your business, and feeding your kids, and making your house payment. Watch this video. Ask questions. Law & Order matter, but shouldn’t law be FOR people and not enslave or overly restrict them? In my opinion, the over-used phrase on TV “at risk”, should not be used as some automatic instant-restriction tool. Sadly, it is.

  4. I like to drive fast but the law sets Speed Limits. I like money but it’s illegal to rob a bank. The law currently says to Stay Home. If you don’t live at the beach don’t come to the beach. Thank you.

  5. There is a huge difference from this virus and the flu. In a short amount of time it has mutated more than 8 times and recently a significant mutation. America has the highest number of known cases, double that of any other country because we are “free” and won’t be “locked” down. As was the case in Lincoln County when Washington’s COVID was spreading, their spring breakers flooded our towns to fill our beaches and empty our stores. Now it turns out that if you are infected, recover, you may still be infected and able to spread the virus as they are finding out in Asian countries right now (little reliable news from China). I personally, 7 weeks ago now, had a “chest cold” that was or nearly was pneumonia, as I had no fever I did not think it was COVID, but with virtually no testing to be had in this state, who knows? I am still having severe respiratory problems. Should I be free to continue my work which involves entering your homes to do my work? I would really like to give those protesters a big hug and tell them it will all be okay, but I have voluntarily locked myself down to protect others.
    Kate Brown has not really locked us down but she should have. She failed us all in Oregon because her fear of some business people. And still we have tested less than %.1 percent of the population. To the protesters I say feel free to contract this virus and take it home to your loved ones, then on their sick bed tell how free they are! Over their graves tell them they are martyrs for your freedom in the great fight against tyranny of those who would protect everyone else from the likes of you!

  6. Good Lord, I once almost died from an undiagnosed dental infection. That’s a poor reflection on our health care, but not the same as a pandemic. In this situation, not taking care of yourself is tantamount to murder. (Not suicide, btw!)

  7. Hey Kevin Koffel you might want to look up the law suicide isn’t illegal because what are they going to do to your corpse? Put it in jail? But I’m sure that you would love that spending millions of dollars on keeping a killer in jail for life. Sounds like there are alot of troubled snowflakes posting on her. Wake up quit watching CNN get some common sense the flu has alot more deaths per year in the US than you think and just so you know someone that dies from a heart attack and test positive for the wuhan virus then they are saying that they died from the wuhan virus. China hasn’t been honest yet and they never will be. But yes all of you triggered snowflakes probably don’t understand what a peaceful protest looks like because you agree how antifa conducts itself. Just to make you happy TRUMP 2020 still your president.

  8. I find it funny that these are probably the same people who b**ch about people protesting for their rights in Portland (or any big city) and call them “triggered” “snowflakes” “libtards” etc. but they have no problem going out and protesting when they feel THEIR rights are being violated. Who are the triggered snowflakes now???

  9. This is far beyond politics, this is biology. We’ve never had a pandemic when world travel was so quick and easy. I feel we are less than past generations when we fail to pull together and do the right thing during a crisis.

  10. Great. Now I’m embarrassed to live in Lincoln County. I know the ramifications of a pandemic are a bit beyond our day-to-day understanding, but, you gotta stay home. I’d suffer just about anything to lessen the impact. I’m not afraid for my own safety. I’m concerned for my vulnerable loved ones. I’m worried about too many vectors for the virus to mutate. There’s a bigger picture!

  11. There are now 10x more deaths from coronavirus than all the people who died on 9/11, and this country spent $3 trillion and thousands more lives in response to that tragedy. The difference here is the fact that if you get infected, you’re a dead man walking, infecting even more (innocent) people to the same fate. These emergency measures are no different than those that could be imposed during an earthquake or other natural disaster (should you be allowed to fire up your stove in your restaurant after an earthquake when the entire neighborhood is reeking in gas leaks?). The power to legislate for the general welfare is a power reserved to the States under the Tenth Amendment. This pandemic is obviously a medical emergency of such magnitude, due to COVID-19’s high level of contagion and severity of its symptoms, that it requires extraordinary measures to maintain the health of the entire population of the State. This is a purely Constitutional sanction wherein the general welfare temporarily “trumps” your normal freedoms to ensure the right to life of ALL Oregonians. Meanwhile, you can stand out on the road, 6 ft apart, wearing your red “Chinese hats” (I mean, that’s where they come from, right?) and parade around like so many offended roosters…just remember, sticking your head in the sand is not as effective as social distancing (read the history of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic for reference).

  12. You protestor s are selfish, ignorant human beings. Nobody likes the stay at home order, but it is working and saving many more lives than without it. I am 62 with emphysema and have little to no immune system. It’s ignoramuses like you that are just as deadly to me as COVID-19 is.

  13. You means, you are 84 years old and you have had good life and you dont care other peoples life? It’s all good either you get corona virus or not. That’s really all good.

    However, If you got a corona virus because you didnt follow public safe, please dont go to hospital and get a treatment.

    Please dont bother to have help from Gov. and medical filed peoples. They all do their best work for public safe.

    You are lucky to have had amazing life but I am going to have my amazing life from now on.

    You mean…you are 8 year and 4 month, not 84 years old…right? Even 8 year old kids is not selfish like who you are.

  14. I believe in ‘Survival of the Fittest’ – I’m 84, and I go out without a mask. If I “Catch the Covid” – so be it. If I don’t survive it, I have at least had an interesting life.

  15. Wow look this crazy peoples
    Is that means we will have to facing a death for your freedom? Are you crazy? You have freedom to live free but I have my own freedom to be out of a fear

    At this point, I dont care if you get a corona and die however, you have no right to shake our safe.

    Your town could be opening inside of your town but dont even think you will come out your town name called Lincoln

    Your guys all crazy

  16. Freedom, civil and constitutional rights being invoked let us hope that the ranks of dissidents not be swelled lest we suffer the legal invocation of Martial Law.

  17. Leon Schrei…
    There is an estimated 29,000-49,000 deaths from the Flu each year, worldwide. COVID-19 as of today worldwide has 145,000 deaths with 2.1 million confirmed cases. The first confirmed death from COVID-19 occured on Jan 11. In just over 3 month this pandemic is already 3 times worse than an entire year estimate.

    What a bunch of stupid, privileged, and selfish people.

  18. If people would willingly do their part and try to reduce contact with others, and if some of these folks actually understood that its not all about them, and that spreading the virus might actually affect other peoples lives more harshly then their own, if they actually cared about anyone but themselves, there wouldn’t be a need for a government ordered lock down. If people would take precautions and take care on their own we wouldn’t need to be ordered.

  19. Here is a perspective from an actual hero you might want to consider. This nurse lives in Michigan but she could just as easily be in Oregon and if you get sick, you will be depending on someone like her to save you.
    This is from an ER nurse:

    “I am posting, for once, about something other than my dog.

    I have seen 4 patients die, 5 get intubated, 2 re-intubated, witnessed family consent to make 2 more patients DNRs, sweat my butt off during CPR, titrated so many drips to no avail, watched vent settings increase to no avail. We are exhausted and at a total loss.

    All of this in two shifts in a row.

    Some of you people have never done EVERYTHING you could to save someone, and watched them die anyway, and it shows.

    I would have no problem if you fools worried about your “freedom” all went out and got COVID. If only you could sign a form stating that you revoke your right to have medical treatment based on your cavalier antics and refusal to abide by CDC and medical professionals’ advice. If you were the only people who got infected during your escapades to protest tyranny, great. But that’s sadly not how this works.

    You wanna complain because the garden aisle is closed? If you knew a thing about gardening, you’d know it’s too early to plant in Michigan. Your garden doesn’t matter. If killing your plants would bring back my patients, I would pillage the shit out of your “essential” garden beds.

    Upset because you can’t go boating…in Michigan…in April…in the cold-ass water? You wanna tell my patient’s daughter (who was sobbing as she said goodbye to her father over the phone) about your first-world problems?
    Upset because you can’t go to your cottage up north? Your cottage…your second property…used for leisure. My coworkers can’t even stay in their regular homes. Most have been staying in hotels and dorms, not able to see their spouses or babies.

    All of these posts, petitions online to evade “tyranny”, it’s all such bullshit. I’m sorry you’re bored and have nothing to do but bitch and moan. You wanna pick up a couple hours for me? Yeah, didn’t think so. I wouldn’t trust most of you with patient care, anyway. Not just because of the selfish lack of humanity your posts exude, but because most of those posts and petitions are so riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors, that it makes me question your cognitive capacity.

    Shoutout to my coworkers, the real MVPs.”

  20. Let’s see, some people many on the right judging by some the signs, protest something they think is unfair following the laws of this country in the Constitution’s first amendment. So what does the left do, flip them the finger, call them names and threaten their businesses just because they don’t agree with them. I know who I don’t want in my community and it isn’t the protestors.

    • I don’t want someone in my community that is willing to catch and pass on the virus. Why did all those d. nozzles wear masks? Irony?

  21. Time to get the names and shame the business and cults they are attached to! It’s amazing how irresponsible organized cults are!

  22. Take your protests to Salem, it’s the capitol right, that’s where a majority of the cases are in the state of Oregon, only then can you face the actual family’s that have lost loved ones to this virus. Just don’t come back here to Lincoln County where some of us are doing our part with our mouths closed!

  23. Why should this worry anybody? I mean they’re only saying that they have the right to threaten the health and lives of yourself as well as that of all of your family and friends. Super cool. Rest In Peace Bishop Gerald Glenn.

  24. Putting politics into this issue is wrong, apparently it’s inevitable in these times, but it is wrong. This is a public health issue. Personally, I don’t miss tourists at all, my business is not tourist based. If you want to be free, great, suicide should be legal as well, but your rights end where the safety of others begins. Ok, so we have somehow dodged a bullet and there hasn’t been a problem with COvid 19 here, and I think it’s just random chance, all it would take is one infected person at the casino, or at Safeway and we’re all [email protected]#$%! I find this protest pointless,
    accept what has happened and know that it’s coming to a close soon enough.

  25. Appalling behavior from community members. Do you read? Watch any reputable news agency? The counted # of COVID – 19 cases in the country is over 650,000, the deaths over 29,000 according to CDC count last weekend.
    You are putting lives at risk, yours and the community! There are many visitors from out of area who are potential carriers.
    Govenior Brown and all our State Congressional legislatures are doing their very best to keep Oregonians as unaffected by this pandemic as possible. Do your part

  26. Appalling behavior from community members. Do you read? Watch any reputable news agency? The counted # of COVID – 19 cases in the country is over 650,000, the deaths over 29,000 according to CDC count last weekend.
    You are putting lives at risk, yours and the community! There are many visitors from out of area who are otential carriers.
    Govenior Brown and all our State Congressional legislatures are doing their very best to keep Oregonians as unaffected by this pandemic as possible. Do your part

  27. Wow U guys are mostly missing the Point of this attack. We are undergoing a re-working of Society and Controls beyond our Comprehension. We are under this because God Said this would happen and we are woefully unprepared for it. Covid-19 is just the first, watch to see the next

  28. Please list the name of the businesses that are willing to put the senior population at high risk of death, as well as being willing to infect children & others of this community. If you think Dems don’t think, because the government does it for them- again you are wrong. This proves when the gene pool has not expanded out of this county, how selfish & unaware the residents are. Once again Lincoln City shows it’s true colors & I am so sorry & ashamed these business people & Trump supporters are wiling to kill others for their own greed.

  29. I’m assuming that those of you that support this lockdown also support the Democrats. After all we don’t have to think if we have the government do it for us

  30. Stupid is as stupid does. We are still in the beginning of this pandemic, and many more deaths will happen. I dont gainsay the right of protest, as it is enshrined in our Constitution. I merely point out that the current death rate is 3 times the expected death rate, and I for one am not willing to die for dollars. For love, for honor…but not dollars.

  31. Our constitution guarantees the right of speech – no question about it. but just to be clear — if you are willing to put the lives of people in your community at risk – to get senior citizens killed — do not expect me to frequent your business or lend support to your cause, now or atany point in the future. so please show your faces. maybe even post your names. peace. Spot on…

  32. our constitution guarantees the right of speech – no question about it. but just to be clear — if you are willing to put the lives of people in your community at risk – to get senior citizens killed — do not expect me to frequent your business or lend support to your cause, now or atany point in the future. so please show your faces. maybe even post your names. peace.

  33. Not going to say I agree… I’d rather be safe and live/not risk getting the virus. I can see there are those out there that don’t think the same way I do. But I’m pro trump and I’m glad trump and our governor did what they did. Shows they care. Yes, I’m out of work too and I still feel that way.

  34. Lincoln Co. right-wingers continue the Quixotic quest to channel the soon to be late President Trump in a cynical warning to Oregonians!

  35. All these extraordinary steps for something that will likely turn out to far less serious that the annual influenza. With so many now unemployed and trillions lost in the economy, but hey, never let a good emergency go to waste when there’s a revolution to win. Viva Che Guevara. SMH.

  36. Oh yea, like the science behind standing six feet from the guy in walmart and being safe,
    when you stand six feet from the guy at Church your putting our community in harms way?

    • Pretty sad to go to a church that has so few members they can be 6 feet apart. Your “god” won’t protect you!

  37. It’s not that we who live here fell trapped. But with a Hospital the size of ours we gave to be careful. Stay home,enjoy your family and let’s all ge safe

  38. So funny as you were all standing 6 feet apart. So you do understand the science behind keeping people apart during a pandemic? We are seeing low numbers of death because what the Governor and the President implemented. Would you rather have let this spread far and wide?

  39. Bet every one of those protesters has willing consented to the illegal unconstitutional searches at the courthouse!!! Your freedom has been going bye bye since 9-11. Too late to stop it now, just like a virus.
    ORS 401.175
    Additional powers during emergency
    (2) Assume control of all police and law enforcement activities in such area, including the activities of all local police and peace officers.

    (3) Close all roads and highways in such area to traffic or by order of the Governor limit the travel on such roads to such extent as the Governor deems necessary and expedient.

  40. Keep up the good work. Don’t worry about P dosen’t sound like they care about the 1st amendment or the rest of the constitution. I will join you some of the days.

  41. Please post the names of the businesses these individuals own so I know where not to shop in the future. “I’d rather be free than safe” is not the motto of a sandwich shop owner I ever want to frequent again.

  42. Why plague doctors wore those strange beaked masks. In the 17th century, people believed these outfits could purify poisonous air. They were wrong.

  43. Thank you everyone….I put on my TRUMP hat and raced down but you were gone. Tell us when you plan to do it again.


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