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Councilor Mark shares Police Chief Palmer’s message about ‘Coast Convoy’

Coast Convoy

Lincoln City Councilor Rick Mark posted on Facebook Friday addressing concerns of a planned Saturday “drive-through” convoy in Lincoln City.

In Mark’s post, he shares a message from Lincoln City Police Chief Jerry Palmer that he believes may “help to ease some worries.”


I have made phone contact with one of the organizers of the rally supposed to be coming to Lincoln City this Saturday morning. This representative, Teri Lopes (sp?) advised that she knows of 16 people who have indicated they plan to attend in support. She was not sure if it would be 16 vehicles or multiple people in fewer vehicles.

She stated they are coming to show support for front line essential workers and 1st responders. They support reopening Oregon businesses. They plan to stage at the parking lot near the Grocery Outlet. Then they plan to drive through downtown on Hwy 101 to SW 51st Street near Mo’s. They plan to have signs supporting and saluting local workers and 1st responders. I expect they may have political signs as well. They will drive through town honking horns and displaying their signs.

Some may stop to support local business by purchasing take-out from some of them. She advised they have done this support rally in several places and have been well received. They are respectful, clean up after themselves and are not coming to cause trouble but to show support. They also bring masks and gloves so they can don those if going into a business.

I also contacted Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore this morning and he confirmed this group did not cause either them nor OSP any problems when they were at the capitol last week.

Tomorrow, I and Sergeant Weaver will try to meet with this group before they start through town and provide a safety briefing. I heard that Riley may be there to meet them as well. My tentative plan is to allow them to drive through town at their own pace, obeying traffic laws. We will monitor so we can address any issues that might arise.

After they complete their drive through to Taft, they plan to disperse. Some may visit other open business and others may leave altogether.

I’d encourage you to reach out to concerned local citizens and relay this information. I find nothing illegal at this point. I hope our community can be respectful and we can avoid any unpleasant confrontations.

Thank You! Have a safe weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Chief Jerry Palmer, LCPD

In an email sent to Homepage and posted to Facebook groups, a participant of the Seas the Moment Coast Convoy writes:

Convoys will be coming every direction, except the Ocean. The entire group will meet up in Lincoln City. .We will be meeting all the convoys at Bimart/Grocery Outlet parking lot at 11 am. Those coming from the East will meet at the Goodwill on Lancaster Dr. just north of Silverton Road on the west side of Lancaster at 9 am. We will meet up at 10-10:15 at Spirit Mountain with any one coming out of Newberg or Portland area. . From there we will head south and do our slow convoy to Taft Historical area in Lincoln city. Honking horns, waving flags and signs. If you have your reopen signs or our magnet Thank you signs that will work too. The parking lot at the South end of town in Taft Historical area by Mo’s. Along the way if you see a store or place open for us, feel free to stop just meet us at the Taft parking area. Bathroom is open there for use.
FLORENCE – We will meet at the Veterans Memorial on Bay Street at 9am and get to Lincoln City before 11.

A search for Seas the Moment Coast Convoy did yield some results for Florence Liberty Alliance, Lincoln City Oregon community discussion (No Censorship from admins), Newport/Depoe Bay/South Beach Communities and Lincoln City Community Discussion


Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and editor of the Lincoln City Homepage, a trusted source of local news and information for residents and visitors of Lincoln City, Oregon. He is also a community leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability in local government.


  1. So it’s a group wanting to reopen businesses prematurely, disguised as a pro front-line worker tribute. Then photograph all the people giving thumbs up and send it to the governor, “see, all these people support us”. Got it.

  2. With the Governors stay at home order, I am confused why our law enforcement would meet with and then allow people from outlying areas to come to the Coast to protest “open up Oregon.” There was no content to their screams other than chanting “open up.”My business has been shuttered since early March. This weekend is a prime example of civil disobedience with a 1000 plus people thronging around Lincoln City. So, really what the message is when the Governor gives an order to shelter in place, it is meaningless. Shame on us. Watch this space. In two weeks we will have an uptick in coronavirus cases.

  3. I watched their videos of their last few rallies from their home page, there were tons of Confederate and Trump flags plus MAGA gear on display, loud disruptive honking, obnoxiously loud music and general mayhem.
    Make no mistake this is a Pseudo Trump Rally trying to strongarm our Coastal Villages into opening up early so they can come play at the beach.
    There is also a fair amount of threatening hate speech aimed at Governor Kate Brown on their various sites.
    They should be taken very seriously, be presumed armed and blocked from parading through our small towns.

  4. Our local economy depends on tourists from our State of Oregon, other Western States, and from other countries. Like it or not that is what sustains our LOCAL GOVERNMENT,
    Without a thriving economy, we will have a ghost town. Is that what you want? What if there were no services? Think about it…

    • What if our medical services were overloaded and your older family members and friends were dying of Covid? Think about it…

  5. Yeah, we know you own shopping malls Jeff. You probably have resources to spare, and wait a little longer, yet you don’t care if the minions die so you don’t have to take out a loan.

  6. As a “Healthcare Worker” I would rather people stayed home, didn’t get sick, and that we based decisions on facts.

    I am sure that we all appreciate support, but I think the fire department would rather you don’t show your support by burning down your house. Why would healthcare workers want you to show support by possibly spreading a virus?

  7. VANILLA ISIS. Their part of the Conservative State. They highjack Christianity! Wave their flags! Small gatherings with numbers usually lower than they promote.
    The question is why do they wave the flags of all the enemies of war that Americans gave their lives for and have defeated. A Confederate flag? What? We smashed those creeps. I would never wave that crap flag! And the flag of the German Reich and all there Nazi symbols and gear. You got to be kidding me! Americans gave their lives to defeat the Nazis not wave their flag for them. To wave a flag means: To stand up for, support, or defend someone or something.
    The only flag I give elegance to is the American flag, and I hang it! I don’t rap it around my privates or wear it on my head. I respect it! So get out of my country VANILLA ISIS!

  8. That is total BS and you know it! What are you so afraid of cars driving to LC to spend money on local open businesses? Why is that so threatening?

  9. Silly woman! It is not against any EO to get in your car and drive anywhere to spend money at an open business. Get the facts straight. Your stupid is showing!

  10. Nope. It’s a group of Americans that would like to support and give hope to already open businesses. If these businesses had not asked for us to come to town, we most likely would not have. Now they are thanking us LOUDLY for all the support. Now, many other businesses will be opening as well. You’re welcome!

  11. Your fear is destroying your logic. 121 deaths in a 4.2 million population is hardly a reason to shut down a whole state for such a long period. Come on! Stop drinking the kool-aid man! It’s going to be ok. Keep wearing your mask, stay home, glove up, and keep your distance from others. Just use your common sense if you are so afraid.

  12. Finally..someone who gets it!! Tell us your business and we will come visit you. We are already planning a bigger convoy to visit and shop (at the request of the local businesses). We want to go to the beach for a barbecue and party.

  13. You racist pig! No one had a confederate flag. You want to stop us because we are patriots and love our country. You hate that! Calling us Nazis only reveals what you are, the real Nazi. You will not stop us no matter what you call us. All you do is empower us to do more. We WILL be back bigger and bolder than ever. And…maybe we will brings a bunch of Trump flags with us. Get ready!!

  14. I will tell you this…when we did an appreciation for our first responders, LEOs and hospitals workers, throughout Salem month ago, they were waiting for us with open arms! They thanked us profusely! They took videos and pics of us. One nurse came out of the hospital doors, with her camera, and cried with with joy over the fact that we would do such thing. So you are sorely mistaken. They more than appreciated our showing of support. You must be living in LC where you guys are all in a box. You guys need to get out more and Live your lives!!

  15. Love your Attitude Carol this is what we need is to open up Lincoln City and. Start living again … also if you don’t want to shop and eat and go to the Beach just stay at home! Do you want Lincoln City to dry up and just BLOW AWAY?

  16. What a beautiful sight seeing so many patriotic Oregonians coming together to support our first responders & local businesses ❤. America is coming back stronger than ever!!!

  17. Hey Social Distortion,
    You know nothing about my business. You hide behind an anonymous handle because you are a fearful coward, unwilling to reveal your true identity.
    We respect and take care of our Tenants. Now is the time for all businesses to begin to reopen using proper safety protocal. To delay translates to economic devastation. You think the virus is our only enemy? Just do nothing and face the ravages of a serious depression.
    Oh by the way, have you reviewed the facts concerning the virus in Lincoln County.
    ZERO (0) DEATHS. Isn’t that great. Human beings ,not minions, have been spared.

  18. Hi Adam,
    WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP ,WAKE UP. Did I say wake up?
    Can’t stay home forever. Sickness is a part of life. You could be run over by a car!
    Grow a set man and start living again.

  19. To DemWthagun:
    How dare you call this group Vanilla Isis! You are a sick individual spreading hate worse than CNN. Plenty of black and Hispanic people in that group as well. What a sad little sheep you are!

  20. This convoy of non-residents is dog flop. They should mind their own business and take care of issues in the towns where they live. I resent
    outsiders coming here and creating civil disturbance. You either live here and get to have an opinion about what happens in Lincoln City, or stay the
    !@#$% out.

  21. All right-wing cults . . . Vanilla Isis, Flu Klux Klan, Gravy Seals, Irrational Guard, Y’all Qaeda, the list goes on. yep! I can’t stand to even smell anyone of you.

  22. You need to get out of our country! You don’t deserve to live here. You are a pathetic racist, nazi lover, america hating, jerk! Just get out! You are a vile human being.

  23. And I bet you hate Trump’s wall going up don’t you? Yet you want to put up a wall around LC and keep Americans out. You are a pathetic hypocrite and should be tarred and feathered. And just for fun..we are planning a follow up convoy and RALLY in the near future!! It will be massive and there won’t be a damn thing you can do to stop us. This is America! Get ready because we’re returning. All LCs hate has empowered us.

  24. Some people need to lay off the dope, or alcohol and get some sleep.
    I think you know who you are….maybe, or are those words starting to
    blur? Amazing you can still type.

  25. Lotsa locals in that group, no confederate flag though. That flag must be with all those imaginary “plague” victims that are filling our hospitals.
    Why is ruining our economy Progressives answer to everything?

  26. Well no dead corpse in our streets yet ,, so let’s give all the foolish wanna doers kill our community and our peaceful life I, know that we all depend on tourism let’s not let vally terrorist kill that, and u or your families just say no to all thats invading our health just stay away for now the beauty of our costal waters depends on you all to just stay away and stay home it will not kill u to stay home it may kill all my family if u keep invading our community

  27. All fine and good until one of said supporters starts bash a local business that was closed during this time but still had people walking by in the sidewalk yelling for them to go home which is their legal right to do so. But because said pedestrians were in front of this business which was closed they have gone ahead and have bashed the closed business that had no one in the shop. And the supporters of this one supporter has gone out their way to personally bash the store via internet just because someone didnt believe what they believed. This was a Trump support rally. No biggy. But for them to call it otherwise well clearly isn’t watching the news. Which we are in the process of trying to reopen. So how is having people from the valley and other hot spot locations come into the town to fight for these same said businesses when those businesses are already in the processes of doing what needs to be done to reopen. I would of supported this and the supposed cause even a couple weeks ago. But it has and was clear this was more of a political agenda then an doing it for an actual cause. Honestly just a bit disappointed in the actions I have seen from not one side but both sides.

  28. don’t fall into the political trap either,
    too many twits want to bring politics into this. You mention politics,
    and your opinions are worthless and should be ignored, you obviously
    have an agenda not consistent with the topic.

  29. FAKE POLITICAL MOVE…. I’m sorry but if you really want to thank the frontliners and blah blah blah… buy them lunch and send it to their hospital or something …what the f*** is holding a sign up that says “thank you” gonna make a difference when there were no frontliners that could see your signs… maybe you should have went to the fire department or the hospitals to waive your signs if you’re that thankful to them. Idiots!!!

  30. Fox news is not a real news station they are opinion-based programming station for right-wing tabloid news. They don’t follow the same media rules as Fact Based News. Roll the broadcast disclaimers! Once again FOX is OPINION BASED! Former employees have said that Fox ordered them to “slant the news in favor of conservatives”. Political scientists described Fox News as an expanded part of the Republican Party. Saying Fox News is to serves as a “mouthpiece” for the administration, providing “propaganda” and a “feedback loop” for Trump, with one presidential scholar stating, “It’s the closest we’ve come to having State TV!!!
    Oh and Fox News Faces Lawsuit For Calling COVID-19 A ‘Hoax’

    Try the BBC, AP News, or Reuters. However some may not like it because they expose the truth on both sides.

  31. Jeffrey Zimel

    Shock, horror, I have a pair. I have also read the statistics, and am probably much more aware of the situation than you are.

    The fact that Lincoln County is effectively closed to tourists is what is keeping the figures for Lincoln County low.

    I realise that is hard for you to understand, but you obviously put a low value on human lives. Oregon has had 130 deaths, partly because of the restrictions. Washington which had cases for longer before they shut down has had 891 deaths. Sure Lincoln County has had none so far. Do you really want that to change?

    As for Carol and her rabid responses, I suspect that her hatred for all “non Americans” and her love for Trump’s ineffective wall tell me everything I need to know about her.

  32. How is it that someone with the name “demwhtagun” gets to post comments here, it is threatening and terroristic.
    You are a wimp, that’s my polite way of calling you a p!@#$y.
    You are probably a liberal hypocrite, wear socks with your sandals and drive a Subaru.

  33. Yes I’m a Moderate Democrat. So is most of Oregon! and the West Coast! I Hate Sandals especially flip flops, not in a million years. I drive a Dodge, Subaru’s are to low to the ground for me, however a well built small car. Oh and I have a Wife so stop flirting!

  34. To DemwithaGun,
    So, you don’t like Fox News. That is your choice. I myself, read/listen to several different sources, that do *not* all agree with each other.

    You have said/done NOTHING to dis-prove what was said in the video clip that Tucker Carlson aired, which I provided, above. You are simply dismissive. How convenient. Gotcha! I wonder how many state governors are aware of that news clip.

  35. Hey demwithagun, you can’t use that “terrorist” name with the guns, ‘n such. Only the AR-15 wielding protesters on the other side can use those guns, in which case they’re “cool” guns. Some people need to look up the word “hypocrite”, before they post. Hurry and watch that Tucker Carlson clip, he’s neutral!! See!! See!! I guarantee that people won’t go to BBC, AP News, or Reuters. Those are actually as unbiased as news gets, but few people want to hear the other side.


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