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Lincoln City Police Log June 7-27

Lincoln City Police Crime Log

The Lincoln City Police Dispatch Daily Desk Log is a public record of police calls. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Friday, June 7

Crash – 1:22 a.m. – Best Western Landmark Inn, 4430 SW Highway 101 – Daniel J. Schwarz (12/3/62) taken into custody after a traffic stop at Inn at Spanish Head. Schwarz was charged with failure to perform duties of a driver, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and reckless driving.

Trespass – 9:51 a.m. – Lincoln City Sporting Goods – Caller reported Benjamin Pasciyo is behind the business. Pasciyo was gone upon officer arrival. Subject is trespassed and will be cited if located.

Shoplifting – 12:50 p.m. – McKay’s Market – Juvenile in custody for shoplifting. Cited to appear and released.

DUII – 1:08 p.m. – 1831 SW Highway 101 – John R. Tatom (8/16/63) appeared to be passed out in a vehicle. Tatom taken into custody after test were performed.

Found Property – 8:38 p.m. – Taft High School – Officer found black laptop bag with two cameras inside.

Saturday, June 8

Assault – 3:38 a.m. – Reported assault at South Shell station. Victim denied medics and suspect left prior to officer arrival.

Fraud – 4:53 p.m.  Victim received phone bill for two iPhone’s he did not order.

Crash – 5:25 p.m. – SE Highway 101 & SE East Devils Lake Road – Multiple vehicle crash blocking the road with injuries. One passenger transported to SNLH. One driver cited for failure to maintain lane and careless driving.

Shoplifting – 8:48 p.m. – Rite Aid – Theft from store reported.

Sunday, June 9

Found Property – 12:05 a.m. – SE 32nd St. – Cell phone found and brought to LCPD.

Criminal Mischief – 12:25 a.m. – 1266 SW 50th St. – Caller reported damage to all four tires while parked at LC Collective.

Monday, June 10

Theft – 10:02 a.m. – 4503 SW Beach Ave. – Theft of checks from home.

Disturbance – 12:48 p.m. – 1303 NW 20th St. – Caller advised that his mother was threatening his brother with a knife. Naz A. Lauenstein-Kinman (10/18/73) arrested and transported to Lincoln County Jail for menacing.

Assisting Outside Agency – 6:45 p.m. – SNLH – Report of an abandoned vehicle at hospital.

Protective Custody – SW 50th St. City parking lot – Caller reports needing medical attention. Taken into protective custody and transported to SNLH for evaluation.

Theft – 9:42 p.m. – 1035 NW Harbor Ave. – Theft of LGV20 cell phone, large basket with faux leather handle, white, black and pink blanket, sunglasses and Black Anker speaker.

Tuesday, June 11

Theft – 10:56 a.m. – McKay’s Market – Seiji M. Button (7/15/96) cited and released for theft.

MIP – Taft High School – Report of non-student in school refusing to leave. Juvenile taken into custody and referred for MIP and transported to responsible adult.

Suspicious Activity – Taft High School – Student refusing to let school search backpack.

Wednesday, June 12 

Drugs – 10:12 a.m. – Taft High School – Minor in possession of marijuana.

Theft – 10:15 a.m. – Taft High School – Theft of a phone.

Disturbance – 10:37 a.m. – Josephine Young Park, SW 65th St. – Caller stated a drone was harassing her and her husband, then the owner started yelling at them.

Fraud – 2:53 p.m. – 1727 NE Lee Pl. – Caller states someone opened a Pacific Power account in their name.

Thursday, June 13

Warrant – 12:23 a.m. – South Shell – Alan Michael Lewis (10/3/83) taken into custody on Linn County warrant for failing to appear on forgery charges.

Interfering with Public Transport – 2:48 a.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Male and a female contacted at bus shelter in front of casino. Both provided false information. Jaysin Shelby Miller (7/13/97) taken into custody for ID theft, false info and resisting arrest. Corey John Brooks (12/25/79) taken into custody for false info, ID theft and two warrants out of Multnomah County for aggravated assault and menacing. Both transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Disturbance – 5:18 a.m. – 562 SE Neptune Ave. – Disturbance in street. Officers made contact with the group and requested medics for evaluation.

Theft – 12:08 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Theft of casino ticket for $525.51.

Found Property – 6:34 p.m. – 1015 SW 51st. – Caller requested officer after pinging Samsung S9 via app to location.

Fraud – 9:12 p.m. – Safeway – Fraudulent credit card used.

Friday June 14 

DUII Crash – 3:54 a.m. – Captain Cook Inn, 2626 NE Highway 101 – Caller reported suspicious vehicle and occupants outside of hotel who were not guests. Officers made contact and noticed vehicle sustained heavy damage with missing hood. Jes Hunter Lewis (2/10/93) taken into custody for DUII and reckless driving. Also arrested was Ryan Logan Binks (9/10/92).

Warrant arrest – 5:06 a.m. – Captain Cook Inn – Binks contacted at hotel forMunicipal warrant for theft. Binks cited and released.

Found Property – 5:28 a.m. – 1501 NW 40th Pl. – Clothes found on the beach. Officer made contact with the owner of clothes. She had tried to dispose of them in the ocean. She has been advised to come pick them up.

Armed Robbery – 9:20 a.m. – 4659 SW Highway 101 – Report of armed robbery at Bank of the West. Investigation ongoing.

Follow Up – 11:59 a.m. – 3015 NE Yacht Ave. – Possible Native American skull seized, ongoing investigation.

DUII – 11:28 p.m. – SE 8th St. & SE Port Ave. – Christopher W. Angst (10/24/73) arrested for DUII.

Saturday, June 15 

Restraining Order Violation – 9:21 a.m. – 1724 NW 37th St. – Miguel Borvosa Avila (11/1/93) suspect in investigation.

Theft – 11:18 a.m. – Mo’s Restaurant – Report of stolen cell phone.

Sunday, June 16

Disturbance – 12:21 a.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Report of casino security having trouble with some patrons on the main gaming floor. Douglas A. Loucks (6/21/75) cited and released for harassment.

Assault – 3:05 a.m. – 1585 SE 19th St. – Son assaulted caller and left on foot. Probable cause warrant issued on Seiji M. Button (7/15/96) for assault and criminal mischief. Button located, taken into custody and transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Theft – 7:17 a.m. – McKay’s Market – Shoplifters left store without paying for deli items.

Criminal Mischief – 12:26 p.m. – 2690 NE Yacht Ave. – Car window shattered.

Hit and Run – 3:13 p.m. – 869 SW 51st St. – Forrest M. Locke (12/17/97) suspected of crashing his Jeep Cherokee into a gray minivan and fleeing the scene. Multiple eyewitness accounts.

Theft – 7:35 p.m. – Safeway – Kajsa Garrison (9/9/00) cited and released for theft and trespassed from Safeway.

Monday, June 17

Follow Up – 1:08 a.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Miguel Borvosa taken into custody for restraining order violation and transported to Lincoln County jail.

Assisting Outside Agency – Douglas K. Thompson (4/1/58) Thompson taken into custody for failure to register as a sex offender.

Found Property – Flares turned into LCPD that were found on road.

Fraud – 4:31 p.m. – 3109 NE 26th St. – Possible identity theft reported.

Stolen Vehicle – 4:23 p.m. 7035 NE Neptune Dr. – 5 x 8 black utility trailer stolen from property.

Tuesday, June 18

Criminal Mischief – 7:28 a.m. – Game Over Arcade – Juvenile broke open a number of machines to get the quarters.

Hit and Run – 12:12 p.m. – North Ace Hardware – Caller reports his 2017 Chevy Colorado was damaged at location.

Domestic – 6:15 p.m. – Report of a juvenile assaulting her parents. Juvenile referred to courts for harassment.

Theft – 8:04 p.m. – McDonalds – iPhone stolen at location. Apple Store advised victim photos were being taken with the phone.

Wednesday, June 19

Warrant Arrest – 3:59 a.m. – Gabriel J. Mata (4/14/76) taken into custody for warrant out of Salem for failure to appear.

Theft – 7:11 a.m. – Service Master, 4075 NW Logan Rd. – Items taken and parts off of trailers missing.

Fraud – 8:29 a.m. – 3350 NE Highway 101 – Bank account accessed and money withdrawn.

Domestic – 8:53 a.m. – 1123 SW 51st St. – Caller reported her son assaulted her.

Fraud – 11:29 a.m. – 2328 NE Holmes Rd. – Caller reported fraudulent checks were deposited into his bank account.

Theft – 11:37 a.m. – 95 SW Highway 101 – Caller reported theft of two cell phones from his vehicle.

Thursday, June 20

Welfare Check – 10:42 a.m. – 2020 SE Highway 101 – Multiple reports of a male behaving strangely. Male wearing torn pants, no shoes and a hospital bracelet was having a conversation with someone who wasn’t there. Transported to SNLH.

Disturbance – 11:02 a.m. – 4009 SW Highway 101 – Report of a disturbance in room and two 911 hang-up calls.

Theft – 1:02 p.m. – 3510 NE Highway 101 – Deposit bag and money from register stolen.

Friday, June 21

DOA – 4:33 a.m. – 145 SE Mast Ave. – 911 report of an unconscious male. Kevin J. Wilda (3/27/56) deceased. Pacific View Memorial notified.

Criminal Mischief – 9:53 a.m. – 3780 SE Spyglass Ridge Dr. – Graffiti near the gates to The Pit, on batting cages and near door.

Found Property – 10:05 a.m. – 1102 SW Coast Ave. – Found white Samsung Galaxy Express 3. Taken to LCPD for safekeeping.

Theft – 11:14 a.m. – 1430 SE Highway 101 – Report of White van driving off without paying for $20 in gas.

Criminal Mischief – 2:01 p.m. – 1797 SE 14th St. – Caller reported a male subject was upset that the water was off in the area and damaged his van.

Restraining Order Violation – 7:54 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Caller reports her sister violated restraining order in showroom of casino. Caller and sister were in verbal dispute prior to calling 911.

Sex Offense – 10:05 p.m. – 4031 NW Highway 101 – Officer approached location about possible female runaway from Gresham.

Saturday, June 22

Crash – 3:25 p.m. – Groth Gates, 2614 SE Highway 101 – Two vehicle rear -end crash. Medical responded to evaluate for injury.

Theft – 3:42 p.m. – 95 SW Highway 101 – Stolen cell phone.

Found Property – 5:23 p.m. – D River Wayside – Unfired bullet found and turned in to LCPD.

Runaway Located – 1132 SW 14th St. – Juvenile female taken into custody as she is a runaway from DHS custody.

Trespass – 9:38 p.m. – 4814 SE Highway 101 – Rocky Donovan Gonzalez (3/24/86) taken into custody on PO detainer after reports of him harassing bar customers while intoxicated. Taken to Lincoln County Jail.

Bite – 10:22 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – LCPD requested for dog bite at the casino.

Sunday, June 23

Assisting Outside Agency – 10:29 a.m. – Walgreens – Manager advised of a strange female outside upsetting customers. Robyn R. Austin (3/19/93) transported to Lincoln County jail on detainer.

Crash – 10:56 a.m. – 3200 NE Highway 101 – Vehicle struck a bicyclist going through turn lane. No injuries.

Crash – 12:01 p.m. – 2891 SW Highway 101 – Three vehicle non-injury crash.

Theft – 5:15 p.m. – Candyland, 1806 NE Highway 101 – Caller reports three males came in and stole sodas. Left on skateboards and scooters.

Disturbance – 9:03 p.m. – 1108 SW 15th St. – Report of loud music, yelling and screaming. Multiple attempts to contact, turns down music and won’t open the door. Probable cause written for disorderly conduct.

Monday, June 24

DUII – 2:17 p.m. – SW 50th St. & SW Highway 101 – Earlier report of intoxicated driver leaving Chinook Winds. Officer flagged down by citizen with complaint of listed vehicle nearly running them off the road. Vehicle located, traffic stop performed and Curtis D. Bosworth (12/15/82) taken into custody for DUII. Cited and released.

DUII – 1:33 a.m. – SW 32nd St. & Highway 101 – Juvenile driver taken into custody for DUII and transported to LCPD. Cited and released.

Assisting Outside Agency – 3:14 p.m. – Benjamin M. Noffsinger (8/26/79) taken into custody on warrant out of Lincoln County for contempt of court.

Assisting Outside Agency – 11:04 p.m. – Safeway – Darrel G. Richards (6/7/68) taken into custody for violation of no contact order release agreement. Richards was transported to Lincoln County Jail.

Tuesday, June 25

Theft – 3:06 a.m. – 2522 NW Mast Ave. – Missing property after allowing a guest to stay for a couple days.

Found Property – 9:20 a.m. – D River Wayside – Public Works brought in sunglasses, a Good Sam card and a black iPhone to LCPD.

Suspicious Vehicle – 11:08 a.m. – SE 3rd St. public parking – Vehicle parked with plate that returns unable to locate. VIN is obstructed and can not be ran.

Fraud – 1:54 p.m. – Bi-Mart – Fraudulent request to fill a prescription.

Theft – 4:29 p.m. – Motel 6 – Prescription medication stolen/misplaced.

Assisting Outside Agency – 4:53 p.m. – LCPD – Enrique Omar Mejia (7/8/91) turned himself into police station for Lincoln County misdemeanor warrant. Cited and released from LCPD.

Theft – 6:08 p.m. – Chinook Winds Casino – Victim reports her ticket was stolen.

Assisting Outside Agency – 10:36 p.m. NE 14th St. & NE Oar Ave. – Michael J. Burk (10/2/86) taken into custody and transported to Lincoln County jail for felony out-of-state warrant.

Extra Patrol Request – Olivia Beach – Multiple complaints of transients coming onto properties and going through trash and recycling bins.

Criminal Mischief – 8 a.m. – 2430 NE 14th St. – Bank of post office boxes for apartment complex broken into and damaged.

Disturbance – 1:33 p.m. – B Nails, 4079 NW Logan Rd. – Caller reported another female customer was screaming and threatening her. Amber M. Sirotak (3/16/82) was taken into custody and transported to LCPD then taken to Lincoln County Jail for disorderly conduct.

Hit and Run – 1:57 p.m. – NW 14th St. & Highway 101 – Vehicle struck traffic light pole and left scene.

Thursday, June 27

Suspicious Vehicle – 5:23 p.m. – White 1995 Ford Explorer was left parked in roadway with door open. Officer responded and vehicle towed by Care Care.

Found Property – 10:22 p.m. – Citizen requested we keep a green notebook in safekeeping for her until she gets out of jail.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
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