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Time for Young Guns to take over

Bruce Povi passes the keys to new owner Aaron Linfoot

Just past the stroke of midnight January 1, 2024 while many people were celebrating the new year by attending parties, Bruce Polvi and Aaron Linfoot were finalizing the sale of Lincoln City Sporting Goods located at 800 SE Hwy 101 in Lincoln City.

Bruce and Lisa Polvi

According to Bruce,” My wife, Lisa, and I have a combined 54 years here.  I’ve got 33 and a half years, Lisa has 20 and a half.  I’ve been working retail for 44 years now.  It’s been a great run and we’re happy to have served the people of the Oregon coast for 33 and a half years when when we first opened a Radio Shack franchise here in August of 1990.

The reason we’ve stuck with it as long as we have is because of the relationships we have with our customers.

But, sometimes, you gotta know when it’s time to let the new younger generation come along and take the business to a new level.”

Aaron Linfoot is that “new, younger” generation that Polvi was speaking of.

Many know Aaron from his time with Meredith Properties. 

According to Linfoot, “I transitioned away, after almost 13 years with Meredith, and it was time to find out what the next chapter was.  I saw this was for sale when it was listed with Dennis Regan of Taylor and Taylor Realty. 

I learned early on when my gut says “No” to look into the issue a little more.  This business of selling guns was like, “Nah,” so I looked further into it and got to know Bruce and Lisa.  I started volunteering here in July of ’23 and it was something that just felt good.”

Linfoot continued, “We’ve moved here in 2010 and didn’t expect to stay.  Then we had kids and when they became of school age we had no idea when we were going to leave.  I think we found a good comfort level with this community.  We love being involved. We coach a ton with our kid’s sports and are involve with many things here in town.”

As we talked, customers began wandering in through the doors and many conversations began; some were between guests and staff and some were between customers just catching up with one another’s lives.

Anyone who has spent any time inside of Lincoln City Sporting Goods knows that this is the place to meet and share the news of day.

Says Polvi, “It’s one of those things-that a lot of customers have become like family.  This store has become a social meeting place.  We’ve become something of a neighborhood watering hole and it’s kind of nice because I’m always glad to get an update from everyone.”

No one could manage those phones like Bruce

Polvi is a bit of a local legend with his ability to manage several conversations with guests and staff while carrying on simultaneous conversations on any or all of the phones he keeps nearby.

Says Linfoot, “Bruce’s drive has always been to make his customers happy and those are some pretty big shoes to fill. So much happens in Bruce’s head that he’s able to talk with customers and manage 3 phone calls all at the same time and keep it all straight.”

Customers and this reporter nodded in agreement.

Asked about his experience in retail trade Linfoot answered, “We own properties and other business ventures but this is our first go at a retail business.  Like anything in life, you risk little, you gain little.”

Linfoot made note that the entire staff of nine (not including Bruce and Lisa’s consulting) were asked to stay on and all have accepted.

Aaron Linfoot new owner of Lincoln City Sporting Goods.

In closing Linfoot said, “It’s a new chapter here, not a new book.”


Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. My son and I have depended on Bruce and Lisa ,selling our deceased love ones firearms, they cannot be replaced, in our minds,Wish them much happiness and of course we welcome the new owner!!!


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