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Want some eggs? The yolk’s on you!

Lincoln City Safeway’s egg department is nearly empty

As if Inflation wasn’t bad enough in 2023, thanks to a little economic timebomb left to us that consume eggs by the 2019 Oregon legislature we can realistically expect to pay twice what we paid just a week ago for Large and Extra Large eggs (that is if we can find any).

SB 1019 outlawed the sale of eggs from any egg producer with over 3000 birds that employed cages in their production.  

The bill gave egg producers until 2024 to make the change.

At the time of the passing of the legislation, according to the United Egg Producers approximately 85 percent of all eggs produced in America were cage laid.

Well it’s now January 2024 and that little bomb just exploded in our faces.

Store shelves in Lincoln City and Newport are nearly empty of large and extra large eggs.

A quick survey showed Safeway with no eggs, Grocery Outlet had a good supply of the now required cage free eggs but none larger than medium grade. 

Dwindling supply of eggs and steep price increases on the way.

McKays showed a dwindling supply with their 60 count packs now almost double in price from last week at $22.99 each.

According to  one grocer who asked not to be identified, “We can’t get any large or extra Large eggs right now and when we do they will be at least twice the price they were a week or two ago.”

Voting Yes for SB1019 from Lincoln County:

Senate: Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay, District 5)

House: David Gomberg (D-Otis, District 10)

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Don Williams
Don Williams
Don Williams serves as publisher and editor of The Lincoln City Homepage.


  1. When will this state understand that passing ridiculous laws end up costing all of the citizens of this state money. The inflation from the Biden administration is out of control and this state is also causing inflation to soar.

  2. I often wonder how politicians, legislators, those who get to decide what is best for the rest of us, would decide if they were a mom trying to feed her kids, elderly folks on a fixed income and in general those of us that dont have the incomes of the overpaid, dont show up decision makers..this is rediculous..chickens have to be fenced in or caged or they get out or are lunch for some nasty poultry poacher (ie. possom, racoon, owl, hawk, skunk, etc..some of which spread very dangerous disease. Yes, ‘cage free’ sounds very healthy, naturey, and humane. But raising chickens and eggs is an industry, unless we can all live on our own farms and go out to the coop with a cute gingham lined basket every day…but im sure that isnt an issue for those legislators as they enjoy their eggs benedict at weekendbrunch…

  3. Not certain why you chose to use an Oxen term, instead of an Egg term…. the yoke’s…, instead of the yolk’s, in your pun.

  4. Chester’s seems to have gotten they’re eggs in a row and made the necessary sourcing changes. They have plenty of large eggs available.

  5. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I don’t look at the Homepage that often.

    Yes, it is true that I voted for this measure five years ago. The same bill passed in Washington and California. And while it may be fun to blame the democrats, the truth is that the measure passed with wide bi-partisan support.

    Getting chickens out of cages smaller than a sheet of copy paper may have increased egg costs. But economists are telling us the larger reason for higher prices and shortages is avian flu that has killed over 60 million hens.


    Thanks for the opportunity to share more of story.


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