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‘We will enforce the order’ Lincoln County Sheriff Landers says

Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers spoke about Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order in a video Friday, warning enforcement actions would be taken on those in violation of the order.

“Law enforcement does not make the laws, and like all laws, some people agree with them and others don’t. However, these are in place to keep you safe and we will enforce the order to ensure your safety,” Landers said.

Landers said deputies would be issuing citations to people congregating at popular closed off destinations. Deputies will be monitoring popular areas and taking enforcement actions.

Landers said violation of the Governor’s order is a Class C misdemeanor that carries a $1,000 fine and could ultimately land violators in jail.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is the founder and editor of the Lincoln City Homepage, a trusted source of local news and information for residents and visitors of Lincoln City, Oregon. He is also a community leader, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for transparency and accountability in local government.


  1. Thank you Sheriff Landers, for keeping those of us who want to stay healthy safe from those who care more for their “freedom.”

  2. Vicki Norton: Those of us who care more for our freedom than a threat that we might catch a virus that has been proven to be 98% recoverable from have a suggestion for you, those who would rather cower in their homes and follow the Gestapo rules of State. Don’t go to the beach! Stay at home so that us evil spreaders of the disease can’t harm you.

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty or in the case of Corona Virus, presumed clear until proven otherwise. Ruining the lives of small business people the the name of “safety” is a travesty. The Governors stay at home order expired because she didn’t get the proper approval of the State legislators. And last, The Sheriff is in violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States by enforcing the Governor’s now illegal order.

  3. “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    ― Benjamin Franklin

  4. All box stores are open, have more fear of catching this virus in these stores.
    But can’t go on beach and walk with social distancing. Can’t launch boat but boats parked at marinas have no problem. Plus they have for six weeks not enforced any of the traffic coming into county, but now they are going to enforce them.
    The state has no legal right to block travel or commerce.
    Like said before box stores are all open but small businesses are closed. Not fair by anyway you look at it! Would rather go in a small business than a box store where I have higher chance of being exposed.
    When are people going to wake up!

  5. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  6. I would really like for all you people who don’t believe this is serious, deadly & is a joke or any of the Republican verbagae you are all chomping at the bit on-Please pick a place, all of you meet & gather there, wallowing, whine, do whatever it is you think you need to do & we’ll see who is standing in a couple of weeks. Guess what- there is life beyond Fox News & the stupidity what is thrown up every day. Please take a look around the world or hell, even another city & see the death rate. Don’t believe- go there & show them how you’d rather be free than safe. Good luck.

  7. The LCPD will have to lay off some employees if the casino does not reopen. Since half the crime in LC is linked to people from the casino.

  8. Have noticed more traffic on 101 but not sure where these large groups of people are hanging out that he is talking about.
    Seems everyone is following the rules.

  9. First thing the whining is about following the constitution the sheriff took an oath of office to protect and serve and follow the constitution he also has laws that cover unlawful orders when a law or order is not lawful he is to reject it.
    You will se after all the law suits go through the court system you and you rights are no more important than mine
    With the way you and the sheriff think . If 200 people are in a store and three of them steal something the sheriff should just lock them all up because someone else in the group might someday steal also
    If you want to be a sheep and just follow along that is fine but I have a right choose for myself don’t need the governments help

  10. I wish there was a law against poverty and being forced to lose one’s job, business and possibly home. Can we all agree that those are health risks as well?

  11. Well guess we have solved the crime problem. Just don’t let people do anything. Stay in your homes and if we see you on the street or beach we’ll arrest you. Also from now on be sure to have your papers on you and when asked tell us were you are from, where you going and what business you have being out.

  12. Can someone please clarify the rumor that deputies will arrest people who are outside on their own property? I know it sounds absurd.My mother told me and I have no idea where my mother heard this, she said it appeared on her tablet. Might be tied in with this Page but I looked on here and everywhere else and and can ‘t find anything to support this absurd rumor.

  13. You have no right to arrest anyone on the beach it’s a state park for one. Two you are releasing criminals from the jail. Three you aren’t accepting anyone into the jail. Four there has not been a lawful order this isn’t Germany this is America land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE not the cowardly sheep some of you are. Wake up and smell the roses oh and by the way the beach was NEVER closed and you do have the right to excercise your animal’s.

  14. What in the heck are these right-wing Trumptards sniveling and whining about?
    Sometimes, when you really want something, you might resort to whining and blubbering to get it — in other words, you’ll snivel. … The word came to mean “be tearful,” and it suggested someone who was weak or nasty. Today it is often used in its adjective form, sniveling, followed by a contemptuous noun like “coward.”

  15. Please leave politics and greed out of these social distancing restrictions. Our leaders are attempting to control the spread of the novel coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) in our population. It won’t kill us to follow safe practices we hear and read about every day, but the virus could. Use common sense, relax and this will, hopefully, correct itself soon.

  16. Have any of you even read THE ACTUAL LAW? Doesn’t sound like it from some of these comments. He Obviously is not happy with any of this. He has a dirty job to do, I call them garbage men with guns. They take out the trash, but we just make more.
    2017 ORS 401.175
    Additional powers during emergency
    During the existence of an emergency, the Governor may:

    (1) Assume complete control of all emergency operations in the area specified in a proclamation of a state of emergency issued under ORS 401.165 (Declaration of state of emergency), direct all rescue and salvage work and do all things deemed advisable and necessary to alleviate the immediate conditions.

    (2) Assume control of all police and law enforcement activities in such area, including the activities of all local police and peace officers.

    (3) Close all roads and highways in such area to traffic or by order of the Governor limit the travel on such roads to such extent as the Governor deems necessary and expedient.

    (4) Designate persons to coordinate the work of public and private relief agencies operating in such area and exclude from such area any person or agency refusing to cooperate with and work under such coordinator or to cooperate with other agencies engaged in emergency work.

    (5) Require the aid and assistance of any state or other public or quasi-public agencies in the performance of duties and work attendant upon the emergency conditions in such area.

  17. Go for a walk on the beach today, and start digging Graves tomorrow. This isn’t a permanent thing. Don’t be so whiny about it.

  18. Law enforcement needs to stand for the constitution and and stand down for the community. My hope is law enforcement uses common sense.

  19. The governor does not have to power to make laws, that is the responsible of the legislative branch. Even then the law can not violate the US constitution. The lawsuits will more than likely bankrupt the state. Of course the state already nearly bankrupt.

  20. Anyone can walk the beach you just can’t park in a city lot. It’s my understanding in Oregon the beach is considered a state highway. City could issue an order to close it down but doubt they would as long as people don’t start gathering in large groups.

  21. Agate beach golf is open….pawnshop is open….why?? These are nonessential businesses just like salons, barbers etc.. sherriff needs to go fine these businesses who shouldn’t be open but are..GO GET UM AND FINE THE HELL OUT OF UM!!!!

  22. The Right-wing Trumptards ignorance to the rules and laws that are imbedded in their comments are laughable. This decimation of truth itself is the greatest of the many dangers that Trump poses. Needless to say, this dynamic is toxic for a functioning democracy, as it makes intelligent debate impossible. It is a deliberately Orwellian subversion of truth as a common metric and a serious danger to the health of America/World. And Donald Trump, a pathological liar and con man par excellence, is both the ultimate product of this mentality and its perfect standard bearer, the drum major marching at the head of the parade of proud Know Nothings that the modern GOP has become.

  23. Hey Billy bob why don’t you quit trying to push your political agenda we all had to put up with Obama for 8 long years but we weren’tout crying like a little baby. You need to grow up and quit calling people names try to have a conversation instead of name calling. No the city cannot shut down the beach it belongs to all if us it is a state highway it doesn’t belong to the city.

  24. For the record governor Brown didn’t close non essential businesses she told businesses if they could not keep 6 feet in between people and set rules and regulations for their business then they had to shut down. You might want to read through the order before you start spouting stuff you don’t know anything about. If you want to support a local business I know Lincoln City sporting goods is open you can call and see if they have what you need. they will set up a time for you to come in and get whatever you would like as long as they have it. But they are doing it by appointments only. So call them and find out and yes your second amendment is still intact.

  25. Did someone say “we are coming for your guns”? It’s about time someone stands up to the NRA and gun lovers. We all know the correlation between the need to have a cool looking AR-15 style rifle slung over your shoulder and the absence of a brain between your ears.

  26. An executive order is not the law! The law comes from the legislature! Kate Brown is not a monarch and can’t just decide what is right!

  27. Wow boy with all the whiny assed democrats are so up in arms over trump well I got to wonder why if you loser whiny assed democrats are so much better than mr trump why did he beat your lying scum bag pizzagate child molester Hillary hands down you are acting like you belong in communist china not in my cou trygo be sure losers some where else I’m really sick of reading about it every where I look

  28. These comments make me want to stay home, even without the virus. You people are scary. I’ll be getting my Concealed Carry and a PPK as soon as the Sheriffs reopen their office. God bless America!!!!

  29. Sherriff; Obviously grocery stores need to remain open, but please look into the fact that many people continue to shop with the entire family: Mom, Dad + three kids. This should not be happening. A trip to Freddies should not be considered a fun family outing but that is what many people are using it as. Me going to the grocery store should not be me putting my life at risk.

  30. Governor makes an order and it becomes an enforceable law? I guess that whole legislature thing is old fashion. What law, exactly, will this Constitution trashing cuckold be enforcing?

  31. Trending Headline, April 18,2020, “Oregon Reports six COVID-19 deaths, 49 new cases.”
    Political response is to “Cry Wolf”
    Is it not a low threshold to make the case for ORS 401.025 definition of “Emergency” in State of Oregon.

    “Emergency” means a human created or natural event or circumstance that causes or threatens widespread loss of life, injury to person or property, human suffering or financial loss, including but not limited to:

    (a)Fire, explosion, flood, severe weather, landslides or mud slides, drought, earthquake, volcanic activity, tsunamis or other oceanic phenomena, spills or releases of oil or hazardous material as defined in ORS 466.605 (Definitions for ORS 466.605 to 466.680), contamination, utility or transportation emergencies, disease, blight, infestation, civil disturbance, riot, sabotage, acts of terrorism and war; and

    (b)A rapid influx of individuals from outside this state, a rapid migration of individuals from one part of this state to another or a rapid displacement of individuals if the influx, migration or displacement results from the type of event or circumstance described in paragraph (a) of this subsection.

    I suppose the “threat” is there.

  32. Why do liberal fruitcakes always come with the Nazi insults and gun control rants? The first thing the National Socialist German Workers’ Party did was demonize the opposition and take away the guns. I guess we see into others what we see in ourselves.

  33. Why do Trumptard fruitcakes always come with the Governor insults and constitution rants? The first thing is trumps orders haven’t expired yet!!! and what ever happened to states’ right? The National Trump Regime has dumped that ideology when they found the power of FEDERAL! As for the constitution . . . Trump wouldn’t know a constitution if it smacked him upside the head. He’s almost daily having to have his administration correct him, sometimes live on TV rather than cleaning it up afterwards.
    I guess we see into others what . . . aw forget it there to blind!

  34. FU sheriff and your illegitimate president! NO governor has the authority to “make” or decree law. That authority belongs to the legislature. I’d rather die from covid than to bow down and lick your GESTOPO boots!


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